An easy guide to playing mobile lords games for beginners

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An easy guide to playing mobile lords games for beginners – Lords Mobile is a strategy game from IGG. One of the main goals of this game is to offer so much to do. The problem that will arise immediately is, exactly what you will do when starting out and after completing the tutorial.

You don’t want to jump in and end up being a loser. The main goal of novice players like you is to build as fast as possible. The main way to do that is to be as busy as possible. Here is a collection of tips and tricks to help you with various aspects of the game. To find out other exciting games, you can visit IDN Poker.

• VIP system

The more VIP points you get, the higher your VIP level will be. The higher your VIP level, Just 2 days (no need to spend so many hours per day) to get VIP level 5. The good news is, it’s easy to do that. So how do you get the points to get to a higher VIP level faster? The first way is to use a gem (gem).

When starting, you will get gems as a reward. You will also get gems when joining a guild. A total of 2, you can get to VIP level 5 pretty quickly. One of the more important things about having a higher VIP level is the Free Speed ​​Uptime bonus.

How Easy Is It To Play The Mobile Lords Game?

When you are doing development and / or research, it will take some time before you can “get it done instantly” and for free. For example, there is a construction that takes 1 hour to complete. At VIP level 1, once the time marker reaches 5 minutes or less, you can click the button and the build is complete immediately. At VIP level 6, once the construction time marker reaches 15 minutes or less, you can complete it instantly. With that, your VIP level will increase.

Another way to earn VIP points is by simply logging into the game every day.

As shown in the screenshot above, you will get VIP points every time you log in several days in a row. From there, the numbers will increase the next day. To find out other exciting games, you can visit Poker online.

• Guild

Once your account level is sufficient, and when it is easy to get started, you can join a guild or start a new guild. The fun part is that setting up a guild doesn’t require anything from you. However, you should try joining an existing guild if you don’t feel like managing it yourself.

Being in a guild has many benefits. The first is the Help system (third tab on the bottom right).

In the upper right corner is the number of Guild Coins you can get each day and how many you have up to now. Whenever you see someone asking for help, give yourself a big favor, and help them !! Just one click of the (Help All) button even when you see lots of requests for help. Keep in mind that the other members of the guild will act wisely by helping as many members as possible in one day.

Once you have enough Guild coins, it’s time to go shopping. As mentioned above, the first way to get VIP points is by using gems. Another way is to use Guild Coins. Of course, the Guild coins are yours. You can use it however you like. The recommendation is between VIP points and Acceleration. You should avoid using gems and Guild Coins to buy resources.

What Is The Function Of The Resource?

•          Resource

Not only does it retain the right amount of resources, but it also doesn’t overdo it. There are several factors to consider for you to get it right. If you look at the main screen as below, you can see the current resource in the top right corner.

You will use these resources to build, research, and fund almost everything in Lords Mobile. Initially, your resources come from certain buildings and the upgrades you make to them. Another resource is in open spaces, where you can send troops to gather resources. To find out other exciting games, you can visit Poker Online.

Calculate resource pooling based on the number of resources you need the fewest. Resources can also come from gifts. If your troops are not busy (eg needed for battle), just send them all. This method will give you the biggest gain from each journey to get the resources. You have to plan the trip so that heroes can stay busy in other parts as well as in Heroes Assault. Bring enough heroes to keep playing them at the same time.

Each blade in the Quest section provides resources to a certain extent depending on the origin of the reward. The Quest Lords Mobile part is a big gift to simply play with. Still about giving, if you take a look at the main screenshot at the bottom right, you will see a Mystery Box. Once the time marker expires, you will get more sources of data sent to your storage (The Bag).

When you are in the bag, don’t forget to check the boxes in the Chest bar. The Resource Bar has extra rewards for you to get ‘. So, anytime you see a moving resource icon in the right corner of your game screen, that’s where it’s located. The nice thing is that these resources will still be in place even if you are attacked.

Another way to protect your resources if attacked is to have a high-level vault. This vault is secure storage for a certain number of your resources. The higher your vault level, the more resources you can protect.

To check your resource limit, just check your castle.

Yes, you can massively exceed the resource limit shown. It is also surprising why there should be a resource limit. Note that the resource limit is not based on the level of your castle. But based on the level of your production building.

To be sure, don’t go beyond the vault limit.

One of the best absolute defenses against an attack is to ensure that all attackers leave empty or approaching. Even if you lose your troops, most of the attackers will not cause any trouble if no one is brought. Meaning, if they had a common sense then they wouldn’t bother attacking you.