7 Offline Android Football Games

7 Offline Android Football Games

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7 Offline Android Football Games – Football games on the PlayStation have been very busy playing since a long time ago. Since the birth of Android-based smartphones, various football games have emerged. One of them is titled the most sought-after android offline football game.

Did you know that offline football games on Android such as PES and FIFA are very exciting to play. Moreover, it can be played freely without the need for an internet connection. These games will make your free time more useful.

7 Offline Android Football Games

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7 Offline Android Football Games

1. Mobile Soccer League

Mobile Soccer League games are different from most football games offered by PlayStore. Where presents unique graphics and characters with animated displays. Many players say that the available graphics are very pleasing to the eye. Coupled with simple game controls.

Regarding the size of the Mobile Soccer League, it is also considered quite light. One of the advantages of this game is that it presents the world’s best leagues. For example the English league, the Spanish league and the Italian league. Besides that, it also offers Cup games such as the Europa Cup, World Cup, and Copa America.

2. World Cup Run

Games released by VNG Game Studios provide cute graphics. Regarding the game concept is also fairly interesting. Because, players can do extraordinary kicking and running activities. For example, scoring goals like the moves Captain Tsubasa has.

3. Dream League Soccer

Dream League Soccer has been named as one of the phenomenal android offline football games. When reviewing from the Play Store it has been downloaded more than 100 million times. One of the advantages of this game is that the soccer scenes that are shown look real. Like the movements of a soccer player.

The uniqueness of this game is that the player can cheat fraudulently like a real football game. Its impressive side lies in the quality graphics and simple game controls. You can also transfer players from the old club to the new club.

4. Ultimate Soccer

Ultimate Soccer is one of the favorite games for young people. This is proven by having been downloaded more than 50 million times through the PlayStore. This game became popular after it was known that it could be played offline and the game size was fairly light.

The advantages of Ultimate Soccer are that it displays clear instructions on each menu. So that players are guided to set the formation, team, and use the career mode correctly. Regarding graphics, sound effects, and the game sound itself is of sufficient quality.

5. Soccer Kicks

The Soccer Kicks game is predicted to have 3D graphics that spoil the eye. The main focus of the game is to train the players’ free kick skills. Questioning the game mode is available in various choices, ranging from Timed, Target, Tournament, and and Peactice. This game also has a 2 Players mode that plays on the same screen.

6. FIFA Mobile

FIFA Mobile is one of the best android offline football games in the world. The game was handled by EA’s developer. Here you will arrange a team to play with Campaign mode for Versus or against bots. The opponents you meet at random are most likely from another country. This game is compatible with low specification smartphones.

7. Top Eleven

In the Top Eleven game, you will become the manager of a soccer team. Tasks that are carried out such as preparing the team to be nurtured, defensive strategies and attacking opponents, to the team jersey. Top Eleven games are in great demand because they present different managerial nuances and interesting manager storylines. / Dy

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