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A Way Out Review – In this A Way Out Review article, we can know about A Way Out is an Action-adventure game. This game was developed by Hazelight Studios and the publisher is Electronic Arts under their EA Originals program. This game is the second Video game from Josef Fares after their first game, Brothers: A tale of two sons.

This video game doesn’t have a single-player mode. This game must be played by 2 players. Each player will get control and POV (Point of view) of the two main characters Leo and Vincent. They have to cooperate to escape from prison and find their freedom.

Not to mention, it sold more than 1 million downloads in just two weeks, After the release on 23rd March 2018. This game can be played on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

The Development of A Way Out Game

The production of this game started in the middle of 2014. The developer wanted to create a cooperative game that is unique, creative, and different from the other games. The developer wants to bring a new sensation to the player by adding a lot of good features and a surprising plot into this game.

The director of this game, this game is proof of his hard work and his bigger passion project. He also canceled his schedule to develop another game because he wants to be more focused on developing this game. This game uses Unreal Engine 4 and involves around 30-40 people working.

A Way Out is also described as an emotional adventure. This game’s gameplay has a different story that makes the character more interesting. The characters like Leo and Vincent have strong personalities and strong actions in interacting in this game.

Achievements Of A Way Out Game

A Way Out got the highest rating of 78/100. It sold one million copies two weeks after the release and in 2019, the publisher of this game announced that the sales of this game have reached two million copies. In this year 2021, the sales of this game have reached more than three million copies.

The game also has won several awards in the gaming category, such as: being an original action game in 2019 and the best multiplayer game in the 15th British academy games awards in 2019.

The Gameplay Of A Way Out Review

The Gameplay Of A Way Out Review

The players will play This action-adventure game from a third-person perspective, the screen of this game will also split for co-op multiplayer.  This is a story about two men in prison : Leo (already in prison 6 months) and Vincent (who just came into the prison).

These men are trying to escape from prison for their reason. Leo has made a plan and Vincent wants to join into Leo’s plan to escape. The roles of Leo and Vincent aren’t fixed, these both characters can change their role while playing. The players also can interact with many characters in the game, and there is also a dialogue so the player can understand the plot and the story of this game.

A Way Out has been divided into 37 bite-size chapters. In each chapter, the player will take the action in silence and carefully. If you play the role of Vincent, You will try to take the nurse and the guard’s attention, while the character Leo gets a chisel. Then, they start to break up the toilet’s wall and they jump away from the wall behind.

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Plot Of A Way Out Game

The players will get the sensation from the camera spots by shifting it left and right. They must spot the incoming guards and release themselves from the prison. The biggest problem is that its forced co-op setup doesn’t bear creative fruit often enough.

You’ll help your partner, take them while they’re falling, or fight with the guard. All of these gameplays are supported by the shifting camera that brings the real sensation. The players of this game have to find out the way to work together, not only to escape from the prison but also to reach their goals when they are free.

There are a lot of choices for the players that can affect the gameplay and the continuance of the story. A Way Out also gives the players a relaxed and several friendly competition to the player’s experience. The main thing about this game is the split-screen and play online is the solution to give a more fun experience to the players.

Short Guid on How to Play A Way Out

If the players want to play with their friends, they don’t need to buy more copies of the games. They can use the friend pass free trial. Because the players just need to buy one full version of this game , if they want to play together with their friend.

The local setting co-op for A Way Out is easy, as you connect into the controller and fire up the game. If you want to play online co-op with your friend in this game. you can follow these steps below :

  • For the co-op online setup, the player who has bought the full version must start the game firstly, then select the play online option.
  • The players Select the invite a friend option. after clicking this option, you will see your friend list and the platform that they used to play this game. Then, you can choose the friend that you want to play with and send them an invite.
  • After receiving the invite, there will be a command to download a free trial of A Way Out from the digital store. If the free trial has been downloaded, both of the players are ready to play online.

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Facts of A Way Out Game that You Have to Know

During A Way Out review, The gameplay using split-screen is rarely used in online games nowadays. But, the developer realizes it then brings it into this game’s gameplay. After their developer finishes bringing the Brothers: A Tale of two sons game into the public, They finally bring something new in A Way Out game, the split-screen gameplay. There are several Facts about the game that you should know, such as :

1. Emotional Story

This game brings a unique and emotional story in the action of Leo and Vincent’s effort to escape from the prison. The struggles of this character will create a new sensation of Action-Adventure gameplay for the players.

2. Best Co-Op Game

This game will bring a different sensation to the players about the split co-op screen gameplay. there is no single player, so if the player doesn’t have any partner, they can choose AI to be their partner in-game.

This game also needs a lot of cooperative actions from the players. They must help each other and play together to complete their mission successfully. There is also an aggressive mode , in which the players can use the gun and bullet as a tool to escape. They also prefer running and hiding in the process of escaping.

The action among the characters in this game as the story progresses in this game. That’s why the players must make a plan carefully. Because if they ruin the plan, the progress and the gameplay of this game also will be different and change.

3. Just One Copy Game For Two Players

This feature is useful if the first player who has bought the game invites another player to join in his game. This is called Friends Pass trial. This is such good news for EA games players to play this game without buying it.

4. Teamwork And Good Strategy

In this game, the players not only try to escape from the prison easily. They have to pass through many troubles and plan safe and smart ways to escape from prison.

5. Different Roles For The Characters

The main character in this game certainly has a different task and duty with another player. If the other player’s task is to attract the officer’s attention. Then the next character has to take important equipment while the first character attracts the officer or the guards.

6. Many Interactions In-Game

There will be a dialogue that appears during the game starts, some of this dialogue is helpful. But, the main thing is the player has to keep their plan safe without ruining this dialogue.

7. The Game Over If The Other Player Exit

This game represents two characters, which work together as a team. if one of them suddenly exits. or doesn’t wanna play this game anymore. This will make the game over , because the player of this game must have two people or co-op mode. This feature also makes the game become a little bit different. From the previous game from the developer Brothers: A Tale of two sons game.

Game Details

DeveloperHazelight Studios
PublisherElectronic Arts
PlatformPlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows
Release date23-Mar-18
Price$9.89 discount 67%
Official sitehttps://www.ea.com/games/a-way-out

Pros & Cons

+ You can get a free trial to play the game with a friend
+ Have surprising ending moment
+ The seamless integration of split-screen in half a dozen different aspects

– Extreme story
– Your friend won’t earn achievements or trophies for free trial



A Way Out game is the new design of the Action-adventure game using split-screen mode. This game represents the hard work of two characters named Leo and Vincent in making safe plans to escape from the prison. They will take any risks to release themselves from prison and get freedom.
The player can play together with their friends to explore and work together to release their character from any troubles to freedom.