Are All Soccer Clubs Face The Problem Of The World Soccer?

Are All Soccer Clubs Face The Problem Of The World Soccer?

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World soccer has been facing a problem for almost two years. Yes, the real problem is the seemingly endless Covid-19. There are still some limitations of spectators in which it delivers such a great influence for the reducing income for almost all clubs.

Are All European Clubs Suffering from the World Soccer Problem? 

We’ve heard about Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi as they moved to their new clubs. Of course, there was a great money transfer involved. Both clubs spend a lot for hiring these players, regardless of their cut salaries. Well, maybe only Ronaldo has their salaries cut. But, the amount of his salary surpasses the other club members.

Anyway, the mismanagement of most soccer clubs will make the problem worse. They pay high for players that they can hardly afford. But, they want to be competitive regardless of their shortage of money. Among the clubs which deal with mismanagement include Juventus, Real Madrid, and Barcelona. Now those clubs found themselves facing such great disaster on financial.

Barcelona can be the only club that faces such a great problem in the world soccer common financial. Under the rules of La Liga that limit the club’s salary bill with the revenue percentage, Barcelona has lost more than €500 million in season 2020-2021. This was why Barcelona let Messi go for a fantastic transfer fee from PSG. When the pandemic crisis hit, Messi was still getting great salaries that reached one million pounds sterling per week.

Well, he agreed to get this salary cut by 50%. But it was still too high. Many people consider that actually Barcelona sold Messi because the club doesn’t want to spend too much on him, instead of the desire of Messi to leave this club. More information at the Nowgoal site.

Another Sad Story of Juventus 

Another Sad Story of Juventus

Juventus faces similar problems. No wonder, this club just let Ronaldo go to a club where he already is familiar. Yet, the financial problem of Juventus may not be worse than Barcelona. In this case, Ronaldo was the one who wanted to move. The fact was that Juventus hired Ronaldo in 2018 as the club expected that Ronaldo could gain more money for Juventus for covering his massive salary.

Nobody would expect that the pandemic Covid 19 will cause the world soccer problem. In this case, Juventus really faced a great loss. It was interesting to see that Ronaldo was having several choices after leaving Juventus. The rumor said that he is about to play at PSG, though Manchester City was enthusiastic about signing him. In the end, Ronaldo decided to return to his club, Manchester United. Could it be for an emotional reason?

Of course, Barcelona and Juventus are not the only soccer clubs that face financial problems in world soccer. Now, people are wondering how PSG can maintain financial stability. This club doesn’t let Mbappe leave, regardless of his huge salary. At the same time, this club hired Lionel Messi while it still keeps Neymar in the club. Well, let’s expect that this club is very confident with the income that those players can get.