Are you sure you want to play online gambling?

Are You Sure You Want to Play Online Gambling?

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Play online gambling such as qiuqiu, roulette, betting, horse racing, e-sports, look like a pleasure. Especially if you think about the prizes you get when you win. Anyone can get rich suddenly just by play online gambling like lottery.

Everyone Play Online Gambling Addiction Will Affect Many Aspects

The impact of play online gambling addiction is huge significant:

Are You Sure You Want to Play Online Gambling?
online gambling

1. Biological Impact

The biological impact experienced by a gambling addict’s body will be disrupted, especially the executive function of the body. The executive function encourages a person to plan daily activities. For example bathing and eating. If the executive function of the body is damaged, it causes a person to be unable to carry out daily activities systematically.

2. Psychological Impact

The psychological impact is also felt by gambling addicts. Both in the form of concentration and decreased memory. In addition, gambling addicts also experience depression, stress, sleep disturbances, and suicidal intentions.

3. Physical Impact

Physical gambling addicts are also greatly affected, for example obesity. The reason is because online gambling addicts often stay in front of a computer screen all day and do not do physical activity.

4. Social Impact

Gambling also causes unfavorable social impacts. Especially if the gambling addict is still a teenager. There is a tendency to change attitudes towards family and people around in the real world. Such as easy to get emotional and say inappropriate words when scolded by parents.

5. Impact on Brain Function

Online gambling addiction also disrupts brain function. This is because some areas of the human head are damaged. Usually occurs in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex.

Characteristics of Fraud Online Gambling Websites

Many fraud when someone play online gambling in websites are circulating freely on the internet. Pay attention to the characteristics of the following fraudulent online gambling websites before it’s too late.

1. Customer Service Response

The main characteristic of fraudulent online gambling websites is customer service that takes a very long time to respond. Remember that a trusted gambling website prioritizes faster gambling member chat responses. This includes when members want to make deposits and withdrawals.

2. Often Offline In One Week

Fake gambling sites are rarely online. Within one week can be calculated online time no more than 3 x 24 hours. Trusted gambling sites are always on standby 24 hours per day. So that problems faced by members or players can be addressed immediately.

3. Lure of Big and Attractive Bonuses

Big bonuses in betting are tempting. However, if the promised bonuses are unreasonable, you should be wary. The big bonus program is not a guarantee if the site is trusted. Instead of profit, the members stumbled because they were fooled by fraudulent agents. Playing online gambling does not prioritize the initial bonus but wins as long as the bet is made.

4. Little Agent Accounts

Usually trusted gambling sites provide various bank account accounts. Of course, if you commit fraud, the site will think twice because it prepares many bank accounts. If the gambling site only displays one or two bank accounts and changes, then you must be more vigilant about making large deposits.

5. Players Often Lose

Almost all members who play on gambling sites have lost many times. Actually, without realizing it, the agent actually took the member’s money slowly. For example, when it is possible to win a bet, it is suddenly defeated by an opponent. / Dy

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