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Borderlands Review – Game from Gearbox Software

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Borderlands Review – One of the games that perform the action role-playing shootout. Gearbox Software is the publisher of this emerging Borderlands game. There are several platforms that players can use to play this.

The game’s story is about Vault Hunters. Players use existing characters to travel to Pandora, which holds a lot of shine. This game had rumoured to contain technology. Especially other priceless riches.

Players can use a variety of supported devices to play this, which has a payload like PS 3. The version used in this game is Mac OS X from Feral Interactive.

The most impressive moment when players can hunt Vault. There are many obstacles, including defeating wildlife on Pandora. Not just that, players will battle with the bandits and outlaws. All beautiful things are in Pandora. Follow this article for more Borderlands review.

Borderlands Review – Great Demand of Borderlands

It is the first part of Borderlands Review a key needed to open the Vault. It causes Patricia Tannis and Dahl’s former archaeologist. The remaining inhabitants of this planet are not standing still. Some of them immediately contacted the Vault hunters. The Vault can open once every two hundred years.

Vault Hunters meets extraordinary robots and doctors. Both of them help to establish a reputation. They are killing several bandits. The event will feature a collection of famous alien artifacts.

1. Impressive Features

Players have the opportunity to adventure in this game and complete all missions. There are other options for players as the game progresses and it’s even more amazing. Moreover, there are additional options. Here players can do duels and participate in PVP matches with certain areas. The interesting gameplay allows players to use a variety of weapons as needed.

The presence of various shields provides many options. There are weapons that have special and distinctive uses. Players can also choose different characters according to their needs. The existence of unique abilities to fight will please players. The other side is the upgradeable skills for players.

The game can drive a vehicle for two passengers. The game design features attractive graphics against a cute cartoon background. This aims to give a more challenging impression to the settings used.

2. Almost Perfect Gameplay

There are great characters that will stun the elements found in role-playing games. It’s leading the developer Gearbox Software to call role-playing shooters. It’s starting the game with players selecting one of four characters.

This game shows the unique skill of characters. Character use with proficiencies weapons. Then players can take on missions assigned. Players can go through several characters, according to their function. Every player who passes this phase will get a prize.

Players will get experience points, money, and a reward item. The experience of killing both human and non-human foes is fantastic. More than that is completing in-game challenges. Players gain levels from experience growth.

The player can collect points for him in the skill tree. This is one of the interesting features of several specialization features that can uniquely entertain players. More than that, gunslinging with revolvers.

Mordecai can be using his pet. Bloodwing can assist in kills and health-boosting. The most fantastic feature is that players can distribute points. But among any of the specializations. Players can spend a small amount to redistribute players’ skill points.

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3. Weapon Skills

The game begins by filling the player’s arsenal with fantastic options. Players are challenged to get formidable weapons. There are weapons as containers for energy. Players can also customize grenades as desired.

Players can find secret storage places. It is on land and can be sold to in-game vendors. Players will also get interesting items as prizes for them. Players will find interesting objects and weapons.

There are items that are collected and resold to vendors. The money from the sale of player items aims to replace other objects. Players must understand the appearance and services of the Borderlands game.

This is a randomly generated weapon. The weapons will be useful for destroying enemies. There are various code scales that players can encounter. The code indicates the use of a different item in the game. This code is scrambled, making it difficult to trace.

Players can find many interesting things that will make this game even more fun. The weapon the player gets will change the weapon to be more sophisticated, making it stronger. Not only that, but this weapon also adds another amazing effect.

Weapons can release fire and protect the user. There is also an interesting power bonus for players when it is difficult to defeat enemies.

4. Fast System

There is an interesting system for creating random enemies. Players will be challenged when they find this system. The existence of the same character will challenge the enemy. Like the diversity of spider ants.

Be prepared with a character who will attack the face for those who face it. There are other characters that can change like a great ball. This character can also attack. Everything depends on the plot of the game. Players will get information about weapon damage when the shield wears off in battle.

The defeat will weaken the player’s health. When a player is unwell, only other players can recover his health. When recovering the player can defeat his enemy again. If no other player has saved, it will return to the initial stage.

Players can lose the points earned. Here players can use extraordinary vehicles. Players can also get into fights with their enemies using vehicles. It is fast on the transit system.

5. Player Can Be More Than 1

Borderlands Review

In this game, a player can play his own game. However, this game supports more than one player with different screens. This game can be run online. This game follows the times. This will impress players when playing it.

If you want to finish the game, start with character quests. There are also missions to complete in the campaign. There are more players here and a reward for these players. The game will change the number of enemies fought.

This game has many users who are interested in playing it. Players can participate and join in duels. Fantastic players can visit interesting places in this world game.

6. See the Future

This game tells about the future in 2864 AD. In the game, some large companies are looking for sophisticated objects by circling each planet. It has done for personal wealth as a player’s mineral resources.

When one of the biggest companies discovers aliens from the Vault, it is advanced weapon technology. Therefore, players can overtake other players in this game. Another thing is when players find similar ruins from the alien’s architecture on Planet Pandora.

This is the company Atlas trying to solve what he’s doing. They were hoping to find more technology from aliens. However, the decisions that have been taken cannot be erased.

It is also to face dangerous animals that come out during their stay. The successor to colonization after the Dahl Corporation, there were other companies that colonized the planet. The game is finished by using the services of prisoners.

7. Amazing Character

Borderlands Review

Players will find four unique characters on the in-game display. The characters are Brick, Lilith, Siren, and Mordecai. The big and strong character is Brick. Acting like a man on a rampage. Then, a woman who has strong alien abilities is Lilith.

Siren, the animation that has reliable and skilled shooting skills is Mordecai. A character who has a bird friend named Bloodwing and plays the role of a Hunter. There is also an ex Crimson Lance member named Ronald.

The characters act like soldiers. So, each character in this game can determine the type of weapon style. Also, each character has its own characteristics. The characters have unique skills that make the game more fun.

The Bricks get angry, their melee power will increase, health regeneration will be shorter. Here Lilith could become invisible to the enemy. Lilith can move faster in this condition. Besides, it was able to deliver a shock. There is an explosion upon exiting and entering this state.

The Mordecai character can summon his comrades to attack the enemy. Meanwhile, Roland can use an automatic turret to face existing enemies. This character can also provide additional protection.

Borderlands Review – Final Say

In this Borderlands Review article, the advantage of playing in is the combination of the right game system. There is also a story that is quite interesting. Then the graphics used are also extraordinary. There are also drawbacks to this game, namely some monotonous game missions.

That makes players bored. Apart from that, it was also predictable. Moreover, players can only use one platform to play this game. However, this game will be entertaining the player so much.

This fictional game is a mix of FPS and RPG elements. Besides, the developer of this game, Gearbox Software, calls Borderlands a Role-playing Shooter game. So lots of fast shooting action. Also, players will feel the elements of RPG games in this game. This multiplayer game is the best choice to play with friends or family. And the best ps4 game to play with the wife.

Game Details

DeveloperGearbox Software; 2K Australia; Telltale Games
Publisher2K Games, Telltale Games, Xbox Game Studios, Aspyr, Sony Interactive Entertainment, CyberFront Corporation
GenreAction role-playing
PlatformPlaystation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Windows, Mac OS X dan Shield Android TV
Release date20-Oct-09
Official site

Pros & Cons

+ Players can use a variety of weapons as needed
+ Each of these characters has unique skills
+ The weapon the player gets will change the weapon to be more sophisticated
+ Players can also get into fights with their enemies using vehicles

– Has some monotonous mission
– Ordinary story



Space fans should try this fantastic game because many interesting things will make players challenged to complete them. Players will have an incredible adventure in this game, even though some activities seem monotonous. Therefore, they can take advantage of this game to practice their strategic management skills as well.