Cuphead Review, a Nostalgic Game With Incredible Art

Cuphead Review, a Nostalgic Game With Incredible Art

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Cuphead Review – Childhood life is so exciting and full of fun. Playing indoor or even outdoor is one way out. Watching cartoons on TV is also fun. Well, how about playing outside with your friend? It must be very entertaining. That is what Cuphead is.

In the modern era, there are plenty of games to make your day. The uniqueness of the cartoon will make you get nostalgic for the classic. This simple game looks easy to play – even if you see it through your PS4’s screen. However, this game is hard to play.

The funny characters in this game will spoil your eyes. The nonstop shoot you make is another satisfying thing. That is a Nintendo game that will bring to the past. This game is worth playing and accompanies your loneliness. In cuphead review, you can get more information about this game.

Cuphead Review – Six Things Why Cuphead is Worth It

Challenges in Cuphead will only make the players open their eyes. During cuphead review, this game is so simple but tricky. Winning this game is not as easy as it is. Even the players have a lot of shooters, but they will still find it hard. These are the reasons why.

1. A Brilliant Storyline

Most of the players might know that this game starts with a story. They will play in a storybook. The intro itself will be like a storybook for kids. This game will bring the player to the main characters. They are Cuphead and Mugman.

This story begins with those characters in an Inkwell Isle. Under the eyes of Elder Kettle, those brothers insist on coming to the Devil’s Casino. It starts with Mugman and his brother losing in the game. They have to pay the Devil.

The Devil wants the Mugman and his brother’s soul. However, the Devil refuses to do the punishment with one condition. They do what the Devil wants to save their soul. The Devil agrees and wants them to collect the contract soul of the debtors.

Those brothers have to collect them before midnight on the next day. As a result, they go to Elder Kettle for help. Then, the Elder Kettle gives them a potion to help them get the soul. The potion makes these brothers stronger.

However, the hard work of Mugman and Cuphead seems useless. King Dice blocks their way because he thinks that they make him lose a bet. These brothers do what the manager said. Finally, they win over King Dice. Then, they come back home and get no fear of the Devil.

2. Eye-Catching and Unique Cartoon Image

Cuphead Review

The main highlight of this game is the visual itself. It is because the MHDR Studio has designed it differently. The visual of this game revives the animation style of the character Rubber Hose. It also adapts the animation style of Disney’s 30s.

Another uniqueness of the cartoon style follows the rhythm of the music. Moreover, the characters are also elastic which is very eye-catching. Even though this game came out in 2017, the creators are so creative. They manage the nuance in this game properly.

Everything in this game is fantastic and very eye-catching. Starting from the main character, then the enemies until the background. The players will also get a nostalgic impression. It’s because of the visual and the great creators behind it.

Who lives in the 30s? Even if they still live at this time, they will not play this game either. The success of Cuphead is all due to the dedication of MHDR Studio. Pencils and paper are two things to build this game. All of the animations come from them.

Some might think that the creators took too much effort for this game. However, what they don’t know is the non-digital effort is worth it. The effort brings this game to the exact nuance it is supposed to be.

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3. Creative Boss

Cuphead Review

Another important aspect of the game is the boss. This game focuses on the boss battles. So, they must be able to create a collection of exciting bosses. Moreover, the bosses have to fight and look interesting. As a result, it is very mind-blowing.

All of the bosses in this game are super creative. None of them is alike. That will make the players wonder. Some cursing words will come out. The player will meet a bunch of weird and super creative bosses.

Boxing frogs can turn into gambling machines. The carrots can release such a hypnotic attack. Moreover, Cuphead will continue to make the player curious. It’s especially about how the boss looks afterward. The players’ expectations will continue to the boss’s imaginative transformation.

There is a lot of transformation of the bosses. Every boss has its theme. This will make the game a bit confusing for the player. It’s not only the theme but also the attack type of the boss. Both of them are very different from each other.

The player will get a different boss with its different attacks. Each boss is tricky between one another. They have different attacks and need different treatment from one another. The idea of the author itself is to emerge a new idea of the player.

4. Brutal Yet A Fair Gameplay

Cuphead is basically like any other shooter game. Megaman, Metal Slug, or even Contra is another game that has the same concept as this game. However, this game is more focused on the boss battle aspect. Whereas others focus on the platforming.

This is why this game is so brilliant. The author makes the players confront different bosses with different specialties. In short, they have to think about new strategies whenever they meet their bosses.

The brutality in this game is because of the enemy itself. Once the players get to the next level, they will confront another enemy. This enemy has a different weapon. Moreover, the eternity one is hard to beat. This is a challenge for a new level.

Apart from how great the enemy is, the design tends to be stagnant. This is a bit disappointing since the design doesn’t improve well. The creator should have put a great and different design to every enemy. At least, the creator could express how incredible the enemy is.

Well, it’s not only about the power of the enemy. It’s also about how the creator shows the situation of every level. Once the creator could create this condition, the game would be more excellent.

5. Incredible Jazz Music and Other Features

The music in this game could be one of the best game soundtracks in 2017. It’s because the music brings the players to the nostalgic atmosphere. Although the genre of the music is Jazz, it’s not about that.

If the player is a fan of Jazz, well Cuphead must be his choice. This game is worth the money. It’s not only about the music, but also the features. When the players start the game, they will listen to so smooth Jazz music.

Sometimes, the players won’t be able to read the text in the game. It’s because of the music itself. The trombone, drums, and piano mixed. The sound of this composition is surprising. It’s no wonder if the players enjoy the music so badly.

Once the players get in deep connection with the music, they might lose the game. Boss is going to kill the brothers. Plus, the players can spontaneously die at the boss.

The musicians who create this music are amazing. The soundtrack makes this game alive. For the music lover and game lover, this is just gold. A masterpiece for the feature, music, and storyline.

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6. Lack of Parry

Some might have no idea what Parry is. In this game, Parry is an attack on the boss. The jumping movement is one way the Cuphead gets its control. This is a technique to attack the enemy with a pink glow.

All that the players need is to get closer to the pink object. Then, the player needs to press the jump button. After that, the players will destroy the enemy accidentally. However, parrying an enemy is not as easy as it is. The creators limit the Parry.

As a result, the players cannot throw all the bullets while parrying. It’s because parrying only works for pink projectiles. If the creator didn’t limit the parry, the players would easily win the game. This might be a challenge for the players.

Parry could help the players win and end the game easily. However, that’s not how it works. The players could get the parry once they get the pink projectiles from the enemy. This is something else. Getting parry is too risky for the players.

Final Say Cuphead Review

During this cuphead review, we can know Cuphead is a simple yet difficult game. The challenge in this game is mostly the same. Even each boss has a different specialty, but the run-and-gun is monotonous. It’s a tricky game yet still fun to play in 2021, and you should get it in your PS4 collection.

The presentation of this game itself is amazing. On the other hand, the Studio MDHR couldn’t come up with other similar games. Players might complete the game in two hours. This happens when they don’t die at all.

It’s no wonder that this game is worth some money. It’s more than a game, but it’s also an art. There are a few flaws in this game that need improvement. However, the improvement will make it better.

This game worth it to play with friends and family, also the best ps4 game to play with wife, during pandemics and when spending time at home.

Game Details

DeveloperStudio MDHR, Studio MDHR Entertainment Inc.
PublisherStudio MDHR
GenreRun and gun
PlatformPlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, macOS
Release date29-Sep-17
Price$14.99 save 25%
Official site

Pros & Cons

+ Unique cartoon character
+ Have amazing jazz music
+ Makes nostalgia to classic times

– Cuphead is a simple yet difficult game
– Rund and gun little bit monotonous



The funny characters in Cuphead game will spoil your eyes. The nonstop shoot you make is another satisfying thing. That is a Nintendo game that will bring to the past.