Fun Fact about Stardew Valley You Should Know

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Fun Fact about Stardew Valley – Game lovers must know this one game because this game is very interesting, and the one of best ps4 game to play with wife. Stardew Valley is a game that has the role of a farm simulation video and also a large farm. These games were developed independently by ConcernedApe and published by Chucklefish Games.

The game was launched in February 2016 for Microsoft Windows, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4, and Xbox. This game was developed solely by Stardew Valley, Eric Barone. Based on research results, Eric gets inspiration from the Harvest Moon series and suggestions from players who have an interest in this game. Stardew Valley is the one of best ps4 game like animal crossing.

In this game, a player will get the role of a farmer and rancher from his grandfather’s legacy in the small town of Stardew Valley, far from the city. Players will organize time, resources, and savings to clean, care for crops and livestock fields. To play this game, there are some tips that can be done.

The first Stardew Valley game was received positively by critics and also this game is a video-based game. The game also sold a lot on the video game platform Steam, scoring around one million sales after its launch. Barone plans to further develop this game by including a shared game mode, and other additional features.


Fun Fact about Stardew Valley

Stardew gets the top position compared to other gaming factors. there is evidence that the narrative of the story is not too deep and intriguing. Because the character in this game does not have a grand scheme and is just a person who is tired of living as one small gear in a beer company called the Joja Corporation.

A garden and her grandfather’s legacy make the main character played by the player change. The main character can take advantage of the paddy fields to start a new life in the countryside and take care of livestock. But the condition of the fields is far from ideal because the main character does not take care of them for a long time.

The Stardew Valley game does sound very complex coupled with many features mixed in it. But this game is unique in that everything is represented in the gameplay which is very simple and easy to master. This game is able to make the players don’t get bored and don’t think hard.

Fun Fact About Stardew Valley

Every game must have its uniqueness and other exciting facts. Likewise, with this game, this game also has interesting advantages. Here are some interesting fun facts about Stardew Valley game.

1. Made for one person only

The first fun fact about Stardew Valley, in a game, there are several different types of players, some for one person, two, or groups. Especially for the famous game manager or garden, the bias is also made by a company. But this game is only made by one developer, namely Eric Barone.

Eric Barone uses an application called ConceredApps in making it. In its manufacture, it took about 5 years from 2011 to the year of its release namely 2016. This is very interesting to know for gamers

2. Has an unexpected storyline

This game has a storyline to add interest and excitement to the game. Talkative about a man who is bored with his life and moves to the village and takes care of his grandfather’s garden, who has died. It’s a very interesting story and allows the player to feel the conditions the main character is feeling.

As a game player sometimes doesn’t really care about the back story. But if the player is more careful and follows the game well, they will know the secrets that are kept by each character in the game. So that there will be a mystery in a certain place.

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3. Relieves stress due to city life

Stardew is one of the favorite games from a variety of other farming games. In this game, a game player is not only a farmer and takes care of the garden but also explores the forest and the beach. This game is perfect for those of you who feel tired of living in the city and can learn to understand life in the village.

Even though it’s just a virtual game, the sensation you feel can make you calm and interested. Moreover, patiently taking care of livestock and gardens. One can forget more about the problems that exist in real life with this game.

4. Many activities that can be done

In this fun fact about Stardew Valley game, it is not only a game to win something. In this game, there are lots of activities that can be done and it’s unlimited. A player will not run out of activities in doing this game.

5. Train concentration and patience

There are many daily activities that a player does in this game. Activities to do in the garden and virtual farms in Stardew Valley make this game even more interesting. This game also teaches how to maintain concentration and patience to complete a goal to be achieved.

In this game you have to diligently take care of the plantation, from plowing the land, planting until the harvest season comes. Players also have to care for livestock by feeding, cleaning cages, and so on, this makes players more concentrated on completing tasks made from scratch.

How To Strategize The Game

Fun Fact about Stardew Valley

In this game, a player will get the role of a farmer and rancher from his grandfather’s legacy in the small town of Stardew Valley, far from the city. Players will organize time, resources, and savings to clean, care for crops and livestock fields. To play this game, there are some strategies that can be done.

1. Always show Tool hit location in the dashboard

The first thing that is often experienced by beginners in a game is the difficulty in controlling the tools to be used. Moreover, in this game it sometimes flushes using the wrong tools so it only wastes energy. In this case, you need to turn on “always show tool hit location” to solve the error.

If the player has activated it, this indicator will make it easier or land according to the point required. This button is very helpful when players do activities that use energy such as cutting grass. And also prevents spot errors and wastes available energy.

2. Always buy plants early in the season

At the start of each season, the player must buy seeds and plant them for that season. If the player creates it, the results to be harvested are also fast. It will also get a second harvest cycle faster and get additional benefits.

When players buy plants make sure they have a defined season plan. And buy more so as not to be deficient when planting. Because players will spend a lot of money, players must ensure the money they have and also take into account the amount of capital.

3. Make a chest to store all the items

At the start of the game, the bag provided by the player can only fill 12 items, so the player will be bothered to carry the purchased item. To overcome this the player must make a chest with 50 logs and statues to store items. Players can store crops, wood, stones, and other items that will be needed at any time.

The target that must be had to get a plan chest is to collect 2,000 Gold to enlarge the roar of the bag and 10,000 Gold to make the bag store 3 times as much. If the player has a wider roar of storing goods, the process of carrying goods will be easier and has a lot of capacity. Players can also spend longer walking without having to empty the bag first.

4. Fulfill requests from the Community Center quickly

A community center is a center for the sale of crops and livestock that are taken from farmers. The community center asks for crops such as vegetables, wood, fish, and others. If you complete a request from the Community Center, you will get prizes that don’t play games, such as bridge repair.

In the Stardew Valley game, there is a Community center that will ask players for something. The Community Center will ask players to provide various items such as crops, wood, fish, and other livestock. Every request for grouping in a package, if one package is completed, the player will get a reward.

There are extras that you can get from the community centre. If the player can complete more than 2 packages then one part of the city will be repaired for the next field. And therefore complete requests from the Community Center as quickly as possible.

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5. Use hot spring maximally

This Stardew Valley game has quite a lot of hot springs and can facilitate use in gardening or livestock maintenance. Usually entering the beginning of summer at the beginning of the year, players can access a hot water well located behind the log house. Players can soak for a few minutes to be able to recover much-needed energy.

By making the most of the facilities as possible will be very helpful. Don’t think about being afraid of working hard and running out of energy even during the day. Players can replenish energy quickly and can return to work taking care of livestock and fields.

Game Details

DeveloperEric Barone, ConcernedApe, Sickhead Games
PublisherEric Barone, Chucklefish, Fangamer, 505 Games, ConcernedApe
GenreSimulation, role-playing
PlatformAndroid, PlayStation 4, Linux, Nintendo Switch, iOS,
Release date26-Feb-16
Official site

Pros & Cons

+ This game it’s so addictive and rewarding
+ So much depth to its many mechanics
+ The storyline to add interest and excitement
+ This game has more activities and unlimited

– The visuals may not be suitable for some people
– The interface issues are irksome enough



Playing the Stardew Valley game actually doesn’t have optimal rules or strategies. Players can play in their own way. But when the player is more strategic, the game is much easier and gets a lot of advantages