God of Gambling from Medan, John Juanda

The God of Gambling from Medan, John Juanda, Wants to Prosper His Village

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Of course we Indonesians do not think that our country has a talented native son who is very famous in the world. John Juanda is his name. The story of John’s life is not much different from the story in movies about gambling where one of the characters is known as the god of gambling. And this time this figure came from Medan and was very famous.

As children of the 90s generation, we definitely remember a number of gambling movie titles that might have been the favorites in the past. Call it All for The Winner , From Vegas to Macau , and God of Gamblers which are synonymous with winning tricks for gambling and elements of comedy.

In these films, the audience is presented with the greatness of a character who is so shrewd in playing these tricks. Sometimes it is also interspersed with fraudulent actions which make us the audience even more excited when watching.

The God of Gambling from Medan, John Juanda

Best Achievements of John Juanda , the God of Gambling from Medan

Well, it turns out that John Juanda has abilities that are not much different from the god of gambling in these films. Even the man who is now a professional poker player actually has above average gambling skills .

How come. John is a regular winner in the world poker competition, commonly abbreviated as WSOP (World Series of Poker). He managed to win 5 times in the event and took home prizes totaling 56.612 billion rupiah.

Since he was young, John really liked the game of poker. Then he tried to take part in a world-class poker competition or WSOP in 1999. At that time, John had to settle for being ranked 9 and brought home a prize money of 1,500 dollars.

Three years later, aka in 2002, the god of field gambling again tested his poker playing skills by participating in the same competition. With great surprise, John won and became the first champion.

Apparently John’s luck did not stop in 2002. A year later, he enlivened the competition by becoming a participant again. Again he won and became champion. Then the god of Medan gambling repeated 3 times in a row in 2008, 2011, and finally in 2014.

John Juanda is the 50th Member of The Poker Hall of Fame

With this outstanding achievement, John Juanda has been named the winner of the WSOP subscription. He was even placed as one of the 10 other figures in the 10 best poker players in the world. What is even more proud is that this famous king of gambling feom Medan was included in the Poker Hall of Fame list in 2015.

The inauguration as a Poker Hall of Fame was carried out in conjunction with another professional poker player, namely Jen Harman. John himself was also included in the 50th member of the Hall of Fame Poker, while Jen is the 49th member.

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As additional information, John’s election as a member of the Poker Hall of Fame was motivated by John’s countless skills and achievements. John has often won poker competitions around the world. From this activity, this Medan gambling god managed to make a profit of 17 million dollars or 240 billion rupiah.

John has also received a number of awards for this achievement. For example, he has received five distinctive WSOP gold bracelets, awards from the WPT, trophies from European poker tour competitions, and awards from APT and PPT. Actually there are still many awards from other world tournaments.

Mini Biography of John Juanda

Unexpectedly, John Juanda is a native Medan son of Chinese descent. He was born with the full name Johnson Juanda and is usually called John. He was born on July 8, 1971. As an adult, he continued his graduate studies at the University of Seattle, United States.

Previously, John Juanda was an undergraduate student majoring in marketing and management at the University of Oklahoma State. After graduating from S1, he then continued his master’s education in the rainy city of Seattle.

During his time as a student, he often channeled his hobby of playing poker at a casino near his campus. It turns out that John’s hobby is what has led him to such a brilliant career. After graduating and winning various world poker tournaments, he is now a professional poker player and is even dubbed the god of field gambling.

John often lives on the move. He had lived for a long time in Los Angeles, then moved and settled in Tokyo, Japan. He also frequently visited his hometown, Medan, for a while to treat his homesickness with family and relatives.

John himself is a good person, obedient to God, and has high empathy for fellow humans. He realized that all the victories he had ever won could not be separated from God’s intervention.

In gratitude to God, John has a plan to provide and provide free medical assistance to communities in need. This plan will later be realized after he retires as a professional poker player.

Some of the money he owns will later be used to support free medical treatment and the welfare of the community, especially those in his hometown. Wow, very inspiring, right?

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