How to Play Racing Games at Online Casinos

How to Play Racing Games at Online Casinos

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Playing racing games at an online casino means that you are never bored at the casino. Mind you we are not talking about horse racing but something more fun to win. These are slot online races in casinos. The great thing is that you can compete with other players on the site.

Many of the friendly online casinos in the US offer such races for passengers. Such racing games add an extra layer of excitement and competition to every game you play. Each race gives you more chances to win great prizes, and even better, you are free to enter.

How to Play Racing Games at Online Casinos

Playing racing games at an online casino is a very easy process. First you need to find a race that the casino offers. Don’t worry, most of them now have races in their gaming lobby. Here as an example let’s talk about the Box24 casino.

Visit an online casino with your mobile or PC or tablet. Just type the casino URL on the web or mobile browser and hit enter to access the site. When you’re done, on the homepage, look at the two tabs above the right-hand side that say LOGIN and JOIN NOW.

If you already have an online casino account, LOGIN with your name and password. If not, click JOIN NOW and create your casino account.

How to Play Racing Games

To be able to play this racing game, you have to go to the left side of the middle of the page, click on Races and select one of the available ones. After that, click Join Race and select the game registered for the race.

Each Race will be played with the exact number of rounds indicated in the description and will have the required minimum bet, indicated as well (if you bet the lower amount, the bet will not count for the tournament).

The online casino offers a fair and varied number of races each day. For more details, you can check out the Races page or contact one of their Customer Service representatives.

Simply make a winning bet on one of the eligible games and you will be awarded Leaderboard points. Note that in Races that allow more than a few games, you can only play one game at a time, but can switch between eligible games at any time.

The Racing section, on top of the page, the History button can be found and there the Player will be able to check his activity.

Since points are based on your winning multiplier over your best spin or spin, you don’t have to be a high roller player to win – as long as the minimum bet of a Race is met, a player betting a few cents per spin could beat someone who bet the maximum.

When the Race ends, players above the Leaderboard will immediately receive a reward. The leaderboard is updated automatically every five minutes. The prize type of each Race is indicated in each Race description, from the Race page.

Depending on the type of prize, winnings can be withdrawn or a bet is placed. Regular bonus rules apply. Winnings are automatically credited to the account once the leaderbord is updated.

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How to Count Points in Racing?

In racing games, the points system is based on the total accumulated multiplier during the race or lap / hand rounds. Points per spin / hand count as a multiplier – the amount won in each spin divided by the amount staked and then multiplied by 100.The total score, or highest accumulated spin score, will be applied to the final Leader Board.

Each race is unique, therefore the rules, minimum stakes, maximum spins, places and paid leader board prizes can change from race to race, so make sure you look at your in-game widget for the specific rules that apply to your race.

How to Win in Racing

judi slot online terbaru

To win races, you need to collect points by playing these slots. Online casinos have tried to create a level playing field in these short slots tournaments, including accumulating points for losses and not just for wins. If you are the player with the most points at the end of a racing game, you will win fantastic prizes.

  • Every win you make – you will win five points
  • If you win 3 times in a row – you will win 15 points
  • If you have 3 defeats in a row – you will win 20 points
  • If you win big (determined as 10 x your stake)

You will win 150 points. Bondi Bet Casino describes this type of winnings as follows: If you bet 1 and win 10 or more on your spin, you will be able to accumulate 150 points on the leaderboard.

You can keep an eye on your position on the leaderboard while playing this racing game. Just click on the race log located on the top right side of the page, to see where you are and how far you are from winning the prize. Note that Races will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and each Race may take place for a different period.

As said above, the winner of the race is determined based on the player’s position on the Leader Board at the end of the race. In the event of a tie, the player with the highest number of rounds recorded during the Race will be placed in the higher position.

If this does not break the tie, the player who registered for the first Race will be placed in a higher position. Prizes include Free Spins, Casino Instant Bonuses and cash but also have special prizes for certain races.

Also note that if your racing game play is interrupted during an Event, your restored hands / turns will not count towards the points for that Event. However, the winnings from those games will be credited as usual once the interrupted games are completed.

Points to Pay Attention to in Racing

  • Real money play only on eligible slot games that will contribute to the tournament.
  • Eligible games can be checked under the races tab of your account.
  • Leader boards are updated daily and can be checked in the race menu.
  • Prizes will be announced at the end of each race.
  • Points will be added for each spin regardless of whether you lose or win in them.
  • A different race is run every day which can be checked by going to the races tab in your account.
  • The time for each tournament will be displayed in your time zone depending on your last login.
  • Each race may have a different minimum bet and number of rounds to check before you start playing.

The prizes in this racing game are determined by the player’s position on the leaderboard and you can keep an eye on your score directly from the game window, as well as check the remaining rounds and how much time is left for the game.

One of the great things about them is that you earn points for losses as well as wins! Each win will earn you 10 points, with 30 points for 3 consecutive wins.

3 defeats in a row will earn you 40 points and if you make a big win (at least 10 times your original bet) you will pocket 300 points to increase the leaderboard!

That is our discussion this time about racing games which are one type of game in a casino. May be useful.