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Injustice 2 Review – How to Win This Cinematic Fighting Game

Injustice 2 Review - How to Win This Cinematic Fighting Game

Injustice 2 Review – DC provides fans with many fighting games. One of them is Injustice 2 that is a sequel to Injustice: God Among Us. This fighting game allows one-on-one play using DC Universe characters. Players can beat up the opponents by combining buttons, doing basic attacks, and doing special and combo moves

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Small Details on Injustice 2 Review

During this Injustice 2 review, it has the same gameplay basics as its predecessor, including the same environment, interaction, stage transitions, clash, and character selection. But it has more cool characters, a unique gear system, and a cinematic storyline. This is available on IOS, Android, Windows you can download this game for free. And Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, Wii U, and Xbox 360. 

This video game provides a buff system that temporarily allows players to equip each character’s playstyle. Players can also use a super meter to do overpowering super moves when it is full. 

Players will find a gear system where all the special costumes and equipment with shift effects are located. It uses a similar mechanism to an RPG game to reward the winner in each match. Each character will have 4 basic statistics: strength, defense, health, and ability that affects special attacks. 

Players can use real money to buy Source Crystals and get additional equipment, such as premium skin, weapons. However, NetherRealm clarified that any purchases through Source Crystals offer no gameplay advantages. 

This video game provides four modes for players, such as campaign, online, arcade, and multiverse. Campaign mode shows each character’s cinematic story. Online mode allows players to play online with another player. In arcade mode, players will choose a character and fight against other characters one by one. 

In multiverse mode, players can fight against opponents with various obstacles, conditions, and objectives in the DC multiverse. Players can form guilds of up to 50 players to get the missions done and get more gears. 

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Injustice 2 Review Plot 

Five years after the downfall, Batman and Insurgency attempt to rebuild the society. Batman assigns Black Canary, Green Arrow, and reformed Harley Quinn to stop Society (Grodd’s faction who wants world domination). 

Brainiac, the mastermind behind the Society then kidnaps Black Canary and Green Arrow. He wants to capture Superman and put Earth into his planet collection. 

Catwoman rescues reformed Harley in Gorilla City and reformed Flash to help Batman and fight Society members in New Metropolis. Reformed Green Lantern goes to Atlantis to get Aquaman’s help. Aquaman finally agrees to help when Brainiac attacks Atlantis. 

Black Adam, Wonder Woman, and Kara free Superman, Nightwing, and Cyborg from prison to rebuild the Regime. After defeating the Blue Beetle and Firestorm, Batman arrives. He eventually allies himself with the Regime, as they have to fight Brainiac together. 

Cyborg, Catwoman, and Harley go to Batcave to free Brother Eye from Brainiac, coordinate civilian evacuation and defeat Society members. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman and Supergirl fight against Society members in New Metropolis. 

Brainiac prepares to destroy the earth after gathering enough cities. Insurgency and the Regime fail to break through the shield of his ship and lose Superman. Aquaman and Black Adam defeat Grodd along with brainwashed Black Canary, Green Arrow, and Blue Beetle and execute Grodd.

Aquaman and Black Adam weaken Brainiac’s shield. Superman rescues the captured Batman and Supergirl and helps Batman defeat the brainwashed Firestorm and Swamp Thing. They defeat Brainiac and take his ship to repair the stolen cities, but accidentally destroy New Metropolis and Coast City. 

Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, and Supergirl want to keep Brainiac alive to repair New Metropolis and Coast City. But Superman, Aquaman, Black Adam, and Wonder Woman want to kill him and find another solution for that problem. Once again, Batman fights against Superman.   


If Superman wins, he will rebuild the Regime and end the Insurgency. He will use billions of aliens that were saved from Brainiac to repair cities, kill Brainiac, imprison Batman and his allies. He then comes over to Supergirl and offers a chance to be free by joining his Regime. 

If Batman wins, he will disband the Regime and imprison them. Batman then will send Superman to the cosmic prison of the Phantom Zone. He will also offer Supergirl to join the new Justice League.

How to Play 

Players can choose 1 character only to fight against the opponents. Each character has bar health that shows lifetime and super meter that lets super move out once it is full. Each player can replace the character’s accessories and use any stuff on the battle arena to attack the opponents.   

How to Win 

All players want to be the winner in every game. Here are some tips that can lead you to victory in Injustice 2: 

1. Play Story Mode 

Some players may think that story mode is boring and wasting time, but it is not. Players can get to know stories about Superhero and Supervillain. Therefore, players will understand the strengths and weaknesses of each character and be able to choose the best match character. 

Players will also get many gifts that can strengthen the character. Other than that, players can also upgrade skill by experience when playing some stories. There are some stories, such as Green Arrow and Black Canary or Firestorm dan Blue Beetle.

2. Play The Character that is Not in the Story Mode 

In story mode, players can play some characters only, not Wonder Woman, Cheetah, Atrocitus, Scarecrow, Swamp Thing, Fate, and Deadshot. To find the perfect character for the players, just play in practice mode. Maybe one of the characters that cannot be played in story mode is perfect for the players. 

3. Master How to Block Attacks  

In a fighting game, players surely need to attack a lot. But to win a fighting game, players have to block attacks, so players will get just a little damage. To block attacks, players need to concentrate and practice a lot by fighting AI or another player online. 

4. Understand Clash System  

Just like its predecessor, there is also a clash system in Injustice 2. The clash system occurs when players press RT/R2 along with the analog towards the opponents. It makes the character bet the super meter and will possibly get bleeding or get the opponents in damage.  

If other players are bleeding and have a full super meter, one should not bet anything. It will allow those players to use the super move and others can barely avoid it. If all players are dying, players should bet it all to win the fight as soon as possible. 

5. Choose a Favourite Character and Master It

Mastering a combo or special move of an Injustice 2 character will make it easier to win the fight. Mastering a character’s movements will make players get used to it and know what to do when they get attacked. They will know the best time to attack and to defend. 

6. Master How to Play on the Left or Right Side 

During a fight in Injustice 2, players cannot be always on one side. Sometimes players have to move to the other side. So, players have to master playing on the left or right side, including attacking, defending, and doing Combos. 

7. Do not Save Meter-Gauge to use Super Moves 

Super moves animation in Injustice 2 is truly cool. But it is better to use it to hold the opponents’ attack. Besides that, players also have to watch out for the opponents’ meter, so players will know when the opponents will attack. 

8. Always Use Meter Gauge Despite Only 1 Left  

Always using Meter will get the opponents more damage, rather than saving them for a super move or not using it. As the meter-gauge in Injustice 2 can be filled so fast, it will get the players a lot of advantages. 

9. Open Mother Box Immediately 

Mother box will adjust itself based on the time players get it. Getting a box that can only be opened at level 7, players will get gear for level 7. Gear can increase abilities, but the gear in Injustice 2 is not always good. Sometimes there are some useless gears. 

10. Sell the Unused Gear 

When players get the same gear again, they can sell it. Then use that real money to buy important items or upgrade into a rare gear that has a high point. So, they can upgrade the skill, agility, speed, and strength of the character.  

Players are also able to join a guild. Besides making friends with others, the guild also provides weekly gifts and it will get players to develop character quickly. Members in a guild can also collaborate to complete daily and weekly objectives to get gear and share it exclusively. 

There is a thing that may be forgotten by many players, having fun. Players will be relaxed and able to use all the abilities well after having fun and enjoying Injustice 2. If the main purpose of playing is to win, that will distract and make the players feel stressed. 

Even though this is an exciting game, players should not just throw all the time only into playing. If players feel tired, they should stop playing for a while. There are many other important things in real life to be done. When those are done, players can play this game.

Details Game:

DeveloperNetherRealm Studios, QLOC
PublisherDC Comics
PlatformPlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, Microsoft Windows
Release date11 May 2017
Price$19.99 (Playstation 4)
Official site

Pros & Cons Injustice 2

+ Has more good character
+ A unique gear system
+ Special costume
+ Can use real money to buy Source Crystals and get additional equipment

– The story little bit boring for some players
– Steep learning curve



It has the same gameplay basics as its predecessor, including the same environment, interaction, stage transitions, clash, and character selection.

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