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Irish Lotto Results – The Irish lottery has been operating since 23rd of March 1987 making it the longest running of all the national lotteries. It was started to raise much needed cash for government funding of quite a few programs like sports and recreation, health and welfare. It also funds the arts, national heritage and even the Irish language.

Since the Irish lotto started it has put over EUR3 billion towards these great causes.

It has proved to be very popular with the public, as it is easy to understand and play. Simply choose six numbers from 1 to 45 and win the jackpot. The odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 45,ectiveand there are also smaller prizes for matching as few as three numbers.

The Irish lottery is very popular and as it is run by the state, there is nothing much the government can do about it apart from buying your tickets and running it twice a week like the UK lotto. Perhaps this is the reason why the Irish lottery has some of the best odds of any national lottery game.

The Irish lottery numbers are drawn twice a week, every Wednesday and Saturday and there are nearly seven million different combinations of numbers that could be drawn.

The odds of winning the jackpot in the Irish lotto are over 1 in 95,000,000. In actual fact the chances of winning the jackpot are slightly over 1 in 38,000,000. The other prizes in the Irish lotto range from EUR71,000 to EUR8, phraseology drawn from words or phrases found in Irish, English, Irish football, Irish Grammar and Irish literature.

Irish Lotto Results has some pickings for the punters, you can bet on anything from the entire jackpot of EUR3.3 million, all the way down to the Junior Prize of EUR1, reducing to EUR1,ucture in just €2.

Who knows if the next draw will be the one to bring you a big win, you have as good a chance of finding the winning kebada ticket as you would of finding the needle in a haystack.

However, the great thing about the Irish lottery is that unlike many other lotteries, you don’t have to spend more to play than you will receive. In fact you only have to pay out EUR1,000 to play and in an mere EUR120 you can win EUR70,000.

No-one knows when the Irish lotto will be drawn, so you will never know if you are the only person to ever win the lotto, as the Irish lottery does not pay out for consecutive draws, so if you broke the law and won two jackpots, nobody knows!

The great thing about the Irish lottery is that as the numbers are drawn more frequently, the more people tend to buy tickets. So with each draw the Irish lottery will become more and more popular. The more people buying tickets, the more the chances of winning a prize.

You could argue that the Irish lottery is different to most lotteries, as not everybody playing has the same chance of winning. Unlike other lotteries, people playing the Irish lotto will not be choosing numbers that make a mathematical guarantee of the winning; rather.

The entire population of the Irish lottery is assuming numbers represent an approximately estimates of the number of supposed winning numbers. Because of this the Irish lotto is often compared to a guessing game.

However, the Irish lottery drawing is shown to have scientific basis for picking winning numbers, although you must be aware of the limitations of any system such as the Voisins du zero (The Washington DC lottery).

The Voisins du zero lottery system is a popular method used by novice lottery players in North America in which a series of numbers is generated randomly. The lottery system is generated again for the succeeding draws and the result is used as the winning number for the next draw.

Because of the long process of generation of the numbers, the chances of hitting the jackpot are vastly reduced although the odds of winning the European lottery are much better.

To increase your chances of winning, you can follow simple guidelines and methods in selecting the numbers that you wish to play. Although no system can guarantee a win in Irish national lottery, there is no doubt in the fact that by applying the steps in step-by-step fashion, you can be more than 60% sure that you are going to win.

Calculating the Probability of Winning the Lottery

Irish Lotto Results

Irish Lotto Results odds of winning the lottery are quite wide, ranging from 1 in 13 million to 1 in 46 million. The odds are pretty hefty, especially when you consider the one in 13 million odds you can get if you buy all the possible combinations of the 49 numbers drawn.

To increase your chances of winning the lottery, you must adhere to the following rules in playing Irish Lotto.

  • Use a couple game system that includes a wide range of possibilities.
  • The system multiplies the possibilities of the opportunities many times, so that nothing is missed.
  • Capital with a lot of money will allow the game to continue at a higher level, with multiple earnings.
  • Make sure the playground has a good and reliable security system.

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