Methods of Playing Slot Machines

Methods of Playing Slot Machines

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Playing Slot Machines – When playing slot machines at either a land based or online casino there is always one common goal. That is to win the amount of money that is placed on the bet. When the player wins at the slot machines they are usually paid a higher amount of money and sometimes it can be much quicker.

Because the method by which you win is so random, there is no specific system that can be used to predict when a player is going to win. However, there is one system that can be used to make the process a little easier.

Playing Slot Machines: The Martingale

The Martingale System is a method of playing in which money management should be used. The Martingale system is a system for a maximum of ten consecutive spins in which no matter what the outcome the player doubles the original amount of money placed on the bet.

For example, if the original bet was two dollars, and the player wins, the second bet would be four dollars. If the player loses the next spin, the bet will be eight dollars.

Once again the player doubles the money placed on the bet and now the bet is sixteen dollars. sixteen dollar bets can be very tough to win so it is better to have a smaller amount of money on the table; nine dollars is a better number to start with.

If the player loses the next three spins the bet will be forty dollars and the player will have to walk away with ninety dollars, ten dollars more than she started with.

The Martingale system is a good way to increase the rate of winning at slot machines. When playing the fruit machines, however, it is not always possible to implement the Martingale system because the fruit machine is a machine of luck. When playing the standard slots the odds are the same no matter how many spins the machine makes.

Playing Slot Machines: The Handicap System

Playing Slot Machines

The Handicap system is also available for the slot online. In this system the player must obtain a list of the results of the previous 10 or so spins and place bets according to the predicted outcome.

The Martingale system can be applied to these results but it is better not to use it. Sometimes results can be very unpredictable but if the person playing the fruit machine is certain that the machine they are playing with has not given the best return, then there may be some benefit in using the Martingale system. It is best to increase the rate of winning rather than decrease it if there is a specific pattern to predict.

Blackjack is the best game for the player who can count cards. The more cards the player has, the more the player knows about the cards. This increases the probability that the player will win. counting cards is not very easy without being told what to do by the teacher. It requires a lot of concentration.

The player should practice on paper before actually going to a casino to play. Select a blackjack table that has no players making bets. Make sure there are no recommendations made.

This way the player will not be influenced by the comments of other players. Playing in restaurants that serve complimentary drinks is also a good time to play. The concentrated drink will decrease the number of cards the player will be allowed to play.

Poker is a game of hand values. The best hand the player can get is the Royal Flush which is the 1900 in 52 cards. This is rare and may not even appear in 30 hands. The 1800 is usually worth more than most of the other cards in the deck.

The 1930 is very lucky for a poker player. That is, the player should either have matching cards or a flush with matching cards. Four of a Kind may also occur consecutiveNetAAce in a game, and the player should either have pocket Jacks or a ten. It is rare for a player to have both of these unless the player is an expert card counter.

The 1950s are very calm for a poker player. The player should either have a good hand or a way to get a good hand. The highest hand the player can have is Four of a Kind, Four of a cartoons, or Four of a hunched player.

This is rare and the chances of a player to have this hand in one hundred hands are 1 in thirteen. If the player has matching raised cards, the highest hand is One Pair and the matching cards should be from different suits.

The 1960s are quiet for a poker player. The player should either have a Two Pair in Ace and Two, or the more common Triple Draw. If the player does not have any of the mentioned hands, the best 1960s hand is Two Pair and Odds. The player can have a Best 60 Blackjack too, but the bet should be advisable. / Aha

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