Types of Poker Games

Types of Poker Games

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Types of Poker Games, there are so many gambling games, one of which is the game of poker. Poker is widespread in all countries. But as you know. Gambling in Indonesia is illegal.

All forms of gambling are strictly prohibited to play in our country. Even online gambling. The police will eradicate online gambling agents, agen poker online and players.

It turns out that there are many types of poker that are often played by gamblers. Here’s an example.

Carribean Draw Poker

There are many types of games in poker gambling that are found not to be played with players. This is because many games are played only between you and the dealer. One of them is the game which we will explain at this point. Your perfect score is for those of you who answer that this game is Caribbean Draw Poker.

This is because this game is a game that only brings you together with the dealer. So because of that, you have to combine several cards from a high order and win the game from the dealer. Thus, you already know this type of game well.

Texas Hold’em

The game that is a type of poker gambling that we will discuss is a game that is often used as a tournament and is widely played. In fact, among other games, it is the most popular card game. The general public including you usually know the name of this game as Texas Hold’em.

For players as well as you playing this game is certainly the easiest thing. This is because how to play this game is the thing you hear most often when there are amateurs explaining how to play gambling. That’s right, in this type to win the game you must have the largest and most suitable combination of the two cards.

Chinese Poker

Capsa Susun is a poker gambling which has another name as Chinese Poker. We make sure that none of you does not know that capsa defines thirteen in Chinese. For that, players in this game must have thirteen cards with three levels. You must fill in these levels correctly to win this game.

We will explain that the exact level you can find by arranging the highest combination at the first level and the smallest one at the last level. In this game, the wrong card arrangement will be very detrimental. Because, not a few players who were expelled because of this arrangement error.


Poker gambling that you will now find has a fairly unique way of playing. Obviously, if usually the highest card that will win the match session then now is the opposite. That’s right, you who issue the smallest card will be the winner in this game.

So because of that, usually the game known as Lowball is played by people who feel they are not having good luck. Thus, players have the hope of winning this game. You certainly don’t need any further explanations. Because, we can make sure this explanation has made you understand about this game.

Omaha Poker

If previously you knew some poker gambling that was played in different ways from one another. So, now you will know types that are similar to the Texas Hold’em game that you previously knew. We give perfect scores for those of you who answer that the name of this game is Omaha Poker.

That’s right, Omaha is a game that at first glance looks similar to that game. However, there are differences in the number of cards that will be dealt to players as well as one other thing. This is the card that is exposed on the table consisting of more than three to five cards. However, you will find the same term in this game.

Those of you who have scrolled this far certainly admit that there are many types of games from judi poker, right? However, you should also know that there are many more types that exist if you dig deeper. So because of that, you can explore more things and discover more games.

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