10 World Famous King of Gambling, There is John Juanda from Medan

10 World Famous King of Gambling, One is John Juanda from Medan

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Have you ever heard about king of gambling? Maybe a friend of the 90s generation has heard this term. Yup, that’s right. Here, we will discuss about 10 world famous king of gambling. From the 90s to the early 2000s, there were many Hong Kong films, both with colossal and modern themes, often featuring themes or story ideas about gambling. These films tell about the greatness of a famous king of gambling who is able to beat his opponents.

Friends of the 90s generation still remember actor Steven Chow? Jet Li? Or Chow Yun Fat? These three actors often become subscribers to play the role of a gambling god. In their film, the three actors are very good at playing gambling at the gambling table. They also play a variety of gambling. But what is most memorable is dice gambling which is indeed a favorite of the Chinese people.

Now, talking about the famous king of gambling, it turns out that the god of gambling doesn’t only exist in movies. There are some people whose gambling skills are above average. These people later earned the nickname the gods of world gambling.  

Are you curious about who got the nickname god of gambling in this world? Here’s the information.

10 Famous King of Gambling in the Real World

Edward Thorp

Famous King of Gambling

Edward Thorp earned the nickname Mr Card Counting. He is actually an expert in Physics and Mathematics. He is also a professor and inventor of the calculation system. Thorp has a close friend named Claude Shannon whose hobby is traveling to Las Vegas. Shannon was very interested in the game of Blackjack.

Shannon’s hobby then rubbed off on Thorp. Thorp has gone to Vegas many times just to play Blackjack. Thorp is very curious about the secret to winning this one game. He then insisted on finding a formula or mathematical formula to win this favorite game.

Armed with his old computer, Thorp finally managed to solve the mathematical calculations that had been haunting him. This basic formula was then applied for the first time by Thorp at a casino agent in Vegas. And the results were extraordinary. He immediately won 70,000 US dollars in just one round.

After several wins, Thorp was kicked out of the casino. Many players think that Thorp is cheating. Some time later, Thorp wrote a book called Beat Dealer in 1962. This book contains mathematical tricks and formulas how to win Blackjack quickly. This book is also selling well in the market.

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Richard Marcus

Famous King of Gambling

This famous king of gambling is not from Hong Kong like the films in the 1990s. Richard Marcus is a master roulette player . Unlike the genius Edward Thorp, Marcus has other tricks to win his favorite roulette gambling . So true. The key is playing speed.

Most gambling observers assume that Marcus often gets wins because he cheats. When playing at the roulette table , he only places a bet of three chips worth 5 US dollars each.

When he won, he quickly screamed with joy because under his $ 5 chip, there was a hidden chip worth 500 US dollars. Conversely, when he lost, the hidden chip would be taken away so quickly that he only lost 15 US dollars.

We often find cases like this in gambling films. Almost all players use this speed and illusion trick. Despite his cheating controversy, Marcus deserves appreciation for having the illusion of extraordinary hand speed. This idea is brilliant.

In the game of roulette , adding chips to other chips has become commonplace. This trick is often used by roulette players to get a win. In fact, this trick is always used at every round of roulette .

Today’s players often add chips with a large value when he wins, while Marcus is the opposite. That’s why when Marcus won, the dealer didn’t realize that Marcus had cheated him.

Even though he was arrested for cheating, Marcus was still happy because he had managed to bring home US $ 5 million from the casinos he had visited. Remarkable.

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Tommy Glenn Carmichael

Famous King of Gambling

Glenn is a very smart person. He is known as the famous king of gambling. This Glenn always shows spectacular action when playing slot machines. He always has tricks to win the slot machines he plays. In what way? That’s right, by ‘cheating’ the slot machine.

The secret to Glenn’s victory turns out to be in Glenn’s efforts to always analyze the system used in slot machines. There have been many casinos that have lost money as a result of Glenn’s action.

Even though most of the machines had been replaced, Glenn still won because previously he was willing to visit the engine manufacturer and start analyzing the new engine system. He is willing to pretend as a customer in order to enter the factory.

After analyzing the system in the machine, Glenn then made a special tool that always delivered him to the victory podium. From this action, Glenn managed to earn as much as 10,000 US dollars.

After the police discovered his cheating, Glenn was finally arrested and sentenced to imprisonment. Now Glenn is free and campaigning anti-cheat to slot game lovers. He also hopes that online slot agents will not cheat for the sake of their players.

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MIT Blackjack Team

Famous King of Gambling

This famous king of gambling consists of 4 people and works as a team. The MIT Blackjack Team is very famous. The action is so compelling and always gets praise from gambling lovers. The four members of this team used to be schoolmates. They have the same preferences from childhood. Their friendship continued until they were in college.

The MIT Blackjack Team is an alumnus of the Massachusetts Institute and Technology and graduated in the 90s. During their studies on campus, they often gather and discuss the statistical calculations of the blackjack game.

The MIT Blackjack Team has even done recruitment on campus to get new members. One day, this team received an offer of an investor who was ready to finance them to ‘fight’ in Las Vegas.

This team easily won the game and received a profit of 400,000 US dollars. This victory is their first victory. Not satisfied with one win, TIM Blackjack Team continued the action and they won again.

Reportedly, until they stopped playing, TEAM Blackjack Team had managed to get a profit of 5 million US dollars. Anyone interested in following in their footsteps? Learn basic statistics first.

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Ida Summers

This cool woman also doesn’t want to lose to get the nickname of the famous king of gambling. Maybe the goddess of gambling to be exact. Ida Summers’s name. From the 60s to the 70s, Summers had grossed a lot of dollars. The profits he can even double or even triple his skill playing at the casino.

Summer’s only secret is switching in coolers or hand mucking . Well, this technique is often practiced in gambling-themed films. Remember the scene of the god of gambling hiding the cards that have been issued and taking them out when needed? This technique is called hand mucking .

This hand mucking trick is certainly very vulnerable because the punishment for gambling fraud was quite heavy at that time. Unlike the present, the punishment is not as severe as in the past.

John Montague

Flashback to 1718, there was a statesman from England who was very good at gambling. John Montague is a political and military figure who loves to play gambling. He was nicknamed the Sandwich Lord because he liked to ask the waiter to provide him two slices of meat sandwich whenever he gambled.

John Montague is good at playing card gambling. He can spend up to hours at the gambling table. Montague himself is an alumni of the University of Cambrigh and is known as an accomplished person. During his life, he had a brilliant career and high posts in the British government.

John Aspinall

John Aspinall’s initial interest in gambling began with his activities at the University of Course. In fact, he once acted crazy by risking all his scholarship money to play gambling. He is also known to be good at playing racing gambling.

John Aspinall is also known as a lover of animals. He once established a zoo and park in a village with gambling money. This zoo later became the home for a number of John’s favorite animals such as the rhino, leopard, horse and antelobongo.

Not far from the zoo, John also built a casino. This casino is always crowded with visitors who are none other than local residents. John Aspinall once went bankrupt and was forced to sell several luxury items and diamonds to support his beloved animals.

James Hickok or Wild Bill

In accordance with his nickname (Wild Bill), James Hickok is a reckless and desperate person. However, he was very well known in America. James is also known as a hero and law enforcer. He is remembered as an individual who likes to help and protect the weak.

James is very fond of playing poker. You could say he is a poker maniac. If he was cheated, his opponent would be immediately threatened with a gun or knife. This is what later became the origin of why James was nicknamed Wild Bill.

The death of a James Hickok was quite tragic. He died while playing his favorite gambling. He was immediately killed when the bullet lodged in the back of the head. James’s death was planned by a group of people who didn’t like James.

Don Johnson

Famous King of Gambling

Don Johnson is the CEO of a major company in the world. He has been very familiar with gambling in casinos since he was young. He even knows that there are many games in the casino that are manipulated.

Don Johnson really likes the game of Blackjack and he is really good at it. Thanks to his ability, Don never won a game and made a profit of 6 million dollars, equivalent to 72 billion rupiah in just one night.

His greatest achievement was when he brought home a total of 15 million dollars or the equivalent of 181 billion rupiah from the three casinos he visited. It turned out that Don’s victories were due to a factor in reducing manipulation, luck, and his statistical abilities. Until now, Don Johnson has been nicknamed ‘The Breaker’ Atlantic City.

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Hua Shi

Famous King of Gambling

Well, this famous king of gambling really has Chinese blood. Hua Shi was really lucky that he won the Minibar Card game in Atlantic City. He won by chance because the card to be played had not been shuffled by the dealer.

It turned out that upon investigation, the card deck manufacturing company did not shuffle the cards before the deck was shipped to Atlantic City. Hua Shi then took advantage of this opportunity and managed to win the money of 1.5 million dollars. The game was immediately stopped after the casino found out about this case.

Keith Taft

Blackjack: Portrait of Keith Taft in his office with computer and electronic apparatus and special glasses that help determine his bets. Reno, NV 1/11/1979 CREDIT: Mickey Pfleger (Photo by Mickey Pfleger / Sports Illustrated / Getty Images) (Set Number: X23046 TK1 R15 F35)

Keith Taft is the creator of microcomputer technology which he named David. This microcomputer was then tested in a casino and immediately made a profit of 40 dollars. This victory turned out to make Keith addicted and repeat it in the same casino. He ended up getting an additional $ 10 in profit.

Because of this cheating, Keith was detained by the police. He was then released because the police did not have any evidence. Before long, Keith was back in action. This time using a micro camera which he attached to the belt. This micro camera can be used to peek at the dealer ‘s card combination . Over the course of 3 years, Keith’s total profit was thousands of dollars.

Joe Cada

This handsome young man is really skillful in playing Blackjack. Luck always stuck to him until he got the nickname as The Lucky Man . How could he not, right at the age of 21 years, he managed to win his favorite gambling game and earned a profit of up to 8.5 million dollars.

When linked with the number 21, the combination of numbers on Joe’s Blackjack card is 21. Again a coincidence. Maybe the number 21 is a lucky number for Joe.

This well-known gambling god admits that he has never played poker directly. He only likes playing online poker via sites on the internet. The hobby of playing one type of online gambling is what then makes Joe have the knowledge and skills to play poker.

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Louis Colavecchio

online slot gambling

Louis is very good at producing fake slot coins. He can exchange his real coins at any casino. Surprisingly, none of the casinos admit that the coins that Louis exchanged were fake coins. The fake coins made by the famous king of gambling are indeed very similar to real slot coins.

John Juanda, the King of Gambling from Indonesia

qq site
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Well, this man is originally from Medan, Indonesia. He is a professional poker player. His name soared in 2014 because he had won the WSOP (World Series of Poker) competition.

Previously, the famous king of gambling had also won the same competition 4 times, namely in 2002, 2003, 2008 and 2011. From this achievement, John got a total profit from online gambling of 56.612 billion rupiah.

John Juanda himself is a graduate graduate at Seattle University, USA. While still a student in America, he often used his spare time by playing poker at a casino close to his campus.

John then tried to compete in the WSOP Championship for the first time in 1999. At that time, John was only ranked 9th and received a prize of US $ 1,500. Well, from this hobby, John finally decided to become a world professional poker player.

John’s name in the world of poker and gambling is very well known and respected. He is considered the toughest rival for the world’s professional players. Wow, very proud.

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This is interesting information about the world famous king of gambling. If you want to add other references to the god of gambling, please write directly in the comments column.