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The Youngest King of Poker, Joe Cada, Wins the WSOP at 21

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Joseph Cada or commonly called Joe Cada is the world’s youngest king of poker gambling. At a very young age, he beat some of the world’s professional poker players. Joe himself was born on November 18, 1987 in the United States. He first became famous when he succeeded in overthrowing an international poker player when he was 21 years old.

Record as The Youngest King of Poker at the WSOP

Joe first became interested in poker when he tried to play poker online. He then realized the talent that was in him and began to pursue this new passion. One of Joe’s greatest achievements is that he has ever broken the record for being the youngest king of poker in a world poker tournament.

The record as the youngest poker gambling king was previously held by Petrus Eastgate, who was 22 years old at the time. The previous period, the record for the youngest king of poker was held by 24-year-old Phil Hellmuth. Previously, Phil was a regular winner in a world-class tournament, the WSOP (World Series of Poker) in 2009.

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Joe’s career in poker got even brighter after he became a representative of the Poker Stars Team in 2009. No wonder he has a huge fan base, especially from America. His fans call Cada ‘The Kid’ which is in accordance with the age of the idol who is still very young.

Up and Down of a Joe Cada

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Joe Cada himself first started playing poker at the age of 16. He, who is still very young, is willing to make a big bet, namely all the money in his bank account. Unfortunately he failed and lost all his savings. Then he and his brother, Jerome, created their first account under the name PartyPoker.

Actually, in America there are age restrictions for a person to play poker as well as other games such as slot gambling, guess numbers that require HK data and others, or even soccer gambling. Minimum age allowed is 19 years. However, Joe and his brother didn’t seem to care much about these rules.

After several months of hiatus because he didn’t have enough bankroll , Joe was back in action. He chose the casino in Windsor, Ontario. Apparently he already had enough capital to take part in poker tournaments in Costa Rica and the Bahamas.

For the first time participating in the WSOP world poker tournament, this famous king of gambling has spent 2,000 million US dollars per day. From this tournament, Joe’s victories were not small. For example, in 2008 and 2009, he pocketed his winnings of US $ 551,788.

Joe also has US $ 150,000 cashable chip savings. In fact, he also received financial support from two professional poker players, namely Cliff and Eric Haber.

Joe Cada’s talent in playing poker turns out to be he got from his passion for playing poker online. Before being dubbed the world’s youngest gambling god, he was a regular in the Major Sunday tournament.

From this tournament, the youngest king of poker gambling claimed to have received a lot of knowledge, especially from senior players who participated in enlivening the online poker tournament. In this tournament, Joe acts as the host. Once played, tournament participants can reach 15 people.

Joe himself has special access in the form of an ID so he can act as a host. There are multiple IDs for different accounts on different websites as well. For example, ID jcada99 for the Tilt PokerStars tournament, and so on.

The Wealth of Joe Cada

Joe is also known as the youngest king of poker with a huge amount of wealth. In total, it could reach 8,550,000 US dollars. This amount of wealth is truly extraordinary. Although Joe’s parents did not approve of him, now he can enjoy the fruits of his hard work.

His brilliant achievements at such a young age are certainly an inspiration for other talented young players who want to be like Joe. Joe is very hopeful that another ‘the Kid’ will appear after he retires from poker.

Regarding his biggest dream, this youngest king of poker once said that he wanted gambling in the world to be legalized. Not only in America and China, but also throughout the world. Why? So that other ‘The Kid’ has the right place to channel their talents and achievements.

Joe Cada advised that gambling players, especially poker, should not rely on luck alone. They are also obliged to use logic and ability. A player must be good at making mathematical decisions and calculations.

Joe Cada is now very successful. Apart from still holding the status of The Kid and the youngest king of poker in the world, Joe is now enjoying the fruits of his success in Las Vegas. He is reportedly looking forward to his second home in Las Vegas. He is also slowly starting a bar business in Nevada and Las Vegas.

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