Minecraft Review - Test Your Creativity and Imagination

Minecraft Review – Test Your Creativity and Imagination

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Minecraft Review – This article gives You information about Minecraft review, The world of blocks where you can build everything yourself, that’s the best definition of Minecraft. It is the title of a game that recently made a name for itself and became popular. In this game, you can construct what you have on your hand to creating anything in your mind. Without a specific goal, this game succeeds in attracting everybody’s attention and gaining fame.

One of the best proofs of this game’s popularity is that this game is available in several versions. You can play Minecraft on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii U, Xbox  360, and Xbox One. Recently this game is also available on Android and iOS, so you can play it everywhere with your smartphone.

At first glance, this game may look uninteresting with its retro design. But when you’re starting to play it, you will find yourself immersed in this game. So, what makes this game addicting? Stay in this article for more information about Minecraft review.

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Minecraft Review – The Game in General

Minecraft is a game where you can build everything on yourself. In the vast and unlimited world of this game, you need to break and place several types of blocks that will look like things such as woods, stones, sand, etc. With this breaking and placing system, you can create anything from a tool to a building, and even artwork.

When playing this game for the first time, confusion is something that you will feel. After all, you or the other players will be left alone without a tutorial or some hints. You need to figure out everything by yourself, be it how to make something or get the items you need to continue the game.

Fortunately, the environment of the game provides you anything you need to create what you want. There are forests, savanna, ocean, rivers, and mountains in the game. From those, you can gather necessary materials, for example; break the trees to get the woods.

There are also several animals such as chicken, cow, sheep, and pig. You can get meat from those animals or tame them and get them to breed. However, you need to be cautious of the skeleton, zombies, and giant spider as they can become your enemies once the day turns dark. You can also die from starvation and cold, so you need to build your house as soon as possible and cook some food.

Test Your Creativity and Imagination

For you who like to create something or have a vast imagination, Minecraft is the best choice. Since there are no specific goals, you are free to create or build everything you want.  As long as it fits with the three-dimensional grid of the game, you are free to build anything.

The freedom that this game gives to the players makes them explore all of the imagination and creativity they have in the brain. With the materials in the inventory or the environment, you can make your dream house. On a larger scale, you can even create a city using the blocks you have collected.

With so much freedom that you have when playing this game, creativity and imagination is the key to build your world. Without those, it is almost impossible to make something as there is no instruction on how to create a house, ship, or anything.

Make Your World

Breaking and placing the blocks aren’t the only pleasure of this game. Though there is no definite goal, you can still aim for some achievements. One of them is creating your world by stacking the blocks according to your imagination. If you like to fight, you can also choose to defeat the enemy boss.

The point of this game is freedom, so you don’t have to follow any story since this game doesn’t have any. However, you still can choose the game mode that you want to play. There are two game modes in the Minecraft of the smartphone version that you can choose.

The first one is survival mode. In this mode, you will enter the world that you create before the game without bringing anything. There are no materials, food, or weapons that you can use at the beginning of the game, so you have to figure out how to get them and then build a shelter, make food, and weapons. All of the making things are very important for the player to survive.

In this game mode, you need to defeat the Ender Dragon, the last boss of this game. But, even if you have defeated it, the game won’t end. You will just add an achievement when defeating the last boss and then have a chance to access the outer island.

Another game mode that you can play on your smartphone is creative. Unlike the survival mode where you have to make everything yourself, this game mode is easier to play and has a slow place. When playing it, your inventory will be full of materials that it’s unnecessary to break any tree or stone to get one.

In the creative mode, you just need to focus on building what you want to create. There is no threat to your life and you won’t feel hunger either. As the name suggests, this mode is made to test your creativity. Moreover, you can also fly in the sky if you choose this game mode.

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Is This Game Appropriate for Children?

Since Minecraft becomes more and more popular, more people play this game, including children. Some parents may be worried whether this game will have no bad influence on their children like some games. Well, the answer is pretty obvious. This game by all means won’t bring any harm to children.

On the other hand, this game can be educational for children. When playing it, children will have to use their imagination and creativity to be able to enjoy the game. In other words, this game can enhance the creativity of children that will be helpful in the future.

This game also teaches children how to solve a problem. This can be seen in survival mode, where the players have to collect the materials to build shelter, make food and weapons to fight against the enemy. As the time of the day in the game is just 10 minutes in real life, children as a player have to think quickly to figure out everything they need to survive.

Children who play Minecraft will have their cooperation and communication skills sharpened. As you have known, there is a multiplayer mode in this game that allows you to play with the other player. With this, children can play with their friends to achieve the goals of this game.

Since there are several ways to play this game, they have to discuss what they need to do such as defeating the boss or constructing the building. To be able to do those, they will have to communicate and cooperate with the other player. As a result, they will improve those skills and just need to apply them in real life.

Though Minecraft can be a place to learn many things for children, the parents still need to supervise them. As this game can be pretty addicting, parents need to be strict about the duration to play this game. If they leave children alone while playing this, it may affect them is not a good way. After all, too much playing games will have a bad effect no matter how good the game is.

Game Details

DeveloperMojang, Other Ocean Interactive, 4J Studios, Xbox Game Studios
PublisherMojang‎; ‎Microsoft Studios
PlatformJava, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows
Release date18-Nov-11
Official sitehttps://account.mojang.com/

Pros & Cons

+ Vast the world in this game
+ Has an infinite world
+ This game is also addicting
+ You can choose to play as a single-player or play with the other players in the multiplayer game

– Mobile version is hard to read
– The scenery may change and make you confused or dizzy



Minecraft is a unique game that strays from the other mainstream game. That’s why it is well received by people. Without a predetermined storyline, it gives the player unlimited freedom. You can play this game however you want.

If you like to create something, you can build a city from the blocks. There is also an option to fight monsters for you who like a battle game. So, what kind of world will you build in the Minecraft universe?