Profile of Drs. Bando Amin C Kader, MM

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Bando Amin

Drs. H. Bando Amin C Kader, MM is a leader who was born from the countryside. He is also known as educational leader, it shows up on his perseverance in developing Dehasen University as one the leading educational institutions in the province of Bengkulu.

Before starting his political gait in Bengkulu, a man known for his hobby is playing chess ever worked at PT. Krakatau Steel, Cilegon. Through perseverance, hard work and achievement in his field, he was selected for the task of learning the technology of steel billet in the state of Mexico (1974). This achievement was very proud because he was among the first group of Indonesian people who are sent to learn the technology of steel billets abroad at that time. Later he was again sent to learn the steel slab in Hattingen, West Germany (1982).

During his stay in West Germany, he was often involved discussions with the Indonesian youth who are members of the youth organization of Indonesian Students (PPI) in Germany. They often discuss actual problems and concern for the economy and the welfare of the Indonesian people, without exception, efforts to improve the economy in his native land Bengkulu province.

Back to Indonesia, his career at PT. Krakatau Steel continues to increase, so that once believed in many importance positions. In his busy, demanding knowledge spirit never felt subsided. He went on to learn to STIA Maulana Yusuf Banten, until a bachelor’s degree (S-1). Then continuing education Master of Management program (S-2) on STIE IPWI Jakarta, and the Doctorate of Public Administration program (S-3) in the UNPAD Bandung.

He served as a member of the Assembly of Representatives (MPR-RI, 1999-2004). When Kepahiang Regency implement direct election in 2005 the first time, since expanded in 2003. He nominated himself and was elected as regent definitive Kepahiang Regency the first time. With achievement in an accelerated development in Kepahiang, the second period he returned to lead the public to remain credible as regent in Kepahiang Regency until today.

Bando Amin married to Dra. Hj. Ice Rakizah. S. Sos, M.Kes. a flower village Taba Sating she met while studying at school in Bandung. The marriage of them, they were blessed with two daughters and one son, namely Rita Prima Bendryanti, SE, M. Kom, Epina Felizita, SKM, M. Kes, and Rio Dinero, S.Ik.
Bando Amin was born from a simple family. His father was H. Akader, and his mother Siti Asia. Although born of a family with a background of poor farmers, he was someone hardworking and never give up. It was also later made him achieve successes.