Diposting pada

Sengon or albasia not a new plant for Nasikin (39) Cikidang Village residents Subdistrict Cilongok, Banyumas, Central Java. She has been planted since 11 years ago.

Sengon planting period takes three to five years, before it can be harvested. With diligence, it can be harvested several times big sengon on land of Nasikin.

“The results are amazing, I’ve been able to dispatch parents and wife to hold sacred.” Titi Hayani’s husband said.

Once, when he received the initial information about the farming sengon, Nasikin claimed to have been directly interested. He then decided to plant sengon. On the way, his business continues to thrive. From the results sengon, he then not only grows, but also opened a factory cutting sengon. Then some pieces of wood that were deposited into a number of companies.

Father of two children that believe the market of sengon is still very open. Japan and some other countries is the largest consumer of wood sengon. Therefore, sengon plant growing arousal. Cultivation is also easy.

The success story is not only experienced skipper sengon Nasikin. Many other growers in the sub district Cilongok also successful, which already fulfill the fifth pillar of Islam shortly after harvest of sengon.

In Banyumas, Cilongok became one of the centers sengon planting. Revenue in countless large growers. They just have to spend Rp 1,000. – Rp 1,200. for a tree seedling timber. after plugged in for four years. sengon already has a diameter of 10-17 centimeters. Each cubic meter of sengon wood can be sold at Rp 400 thousand.

Society as Nasikin could plant thousands of trees sengon. Currently, about 4,000 of his sengon trees is harvested. Other deposits in the form of 3,000 trees he planted recently.

Sengon blessing is also beneficial for people who do not have land. They could go into workers. In Cilongok only, there are 350 businesses sawmill. Each company employs 5-6 people.