Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime Review Game, an Outer Space Themed Game

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime Review Game, an Outer Space Themed Game

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Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime Review Game – Information about game lovers in a dangerous spacetime, an outer space-themed game. This game carries a space shooter theme given a team of at least 1 person to 4 people. Explore colorful galaxies in a huge neon battleship that you control along with manning towers, lasers, shields, and boosters.

Only through strong teamwork, victory will be easily obtained, save the space rabbits that have been kidnapped, and avoid an empty death. Outer space is a dangerous place that should not be faced alone but with a strong team. Here is some information about this game Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime review:

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Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime Review

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime Review


The developer of this game Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is a well-known game developer, Designer Matt Hammill. He stated that he had the idea to make this game based on an accident. Matt and his team then plan to make a simple game in a short time. However, things didn’t go well. Matt and his team had a hard time developing this game.

The game plan was originally only 3 days according to Matt’s guess. Finally, this game has been completed with interesting and good results thanks to the hard work of the developers. This game was successfully released in July 2013. The compatible gadgets in this game were released at the same time the game was released. Microsoft Window, Linux OS, and Xbox One are the gadgets that are compatible with this game.  In September 2015, players can officially play this game.

Awards Achieved

Game Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is a leading game that has been played by millions of players. No wonder this game has received various awards as a result of the hard work of game developers who have developed games this good.

In 2014, the Brazilian independent game festival nominated for best gameplay and managed to win for this game. Also, in the same year, the Brazilian independent game festival also nominated the best game for this game. In 2013, an independent game festival was nominated as an appreciation for the perfection of visual arts in this game.

The Main Key of The Game

The number one rule for playing Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is communication. Players will be thrown into the spaceship together with other players. This will allow players to be able to control different aspects of the same aircraft, with the speed of progress depending on the level of cooperation established.

Cooperation is something that is needed in this game, besides communication. Cooperation will increase the harmony that exists in a team. A team with bad cooperation will produce a bad ending that will be experienced by all the players. Therefore, it is important to maintain teamwork that will be beneficial.

Communicating is the key to team success. Team members should discuss and share tasks with each member. Also, members must be able to share a balanced portion of tasks. Because with a balanced task no member will be burdened by the assigned task. Furthermore, the player who can be relied upon to be the guard then the player can place him in the shield position. The position of the shield will be very important to protect the defense from sudden enemy attacks. Therefore, the choice of shield position is very important at the beginning of the game.

The distribution of relevant tasks will make the gameplay light and uncluttered. Also, it will make the players know their respective roles and positions and be able to synergize well. The importance of determining the position at the beginning of the game will greatly affect the results that will be obtained. If the player finds a function that is not running properly, then as much as possible to overcome it. Early detection is the first step to find out errors in the function of each player. This detection will minimize the losses that might occur at the end of the game.

Tips to Win when Playing This Game

In this lovers in a dangerous spacetime review, players are so interested in this game that they want to always play it. However, not a few players have to accept defeat when playing this game. Some players will find it difficult to win this game. Players must use real skills to win this game. True players will certainly have expert skills to win the game. There are various kinds of tips to win when playing this game. Tips for winning in this game are:

1. Collect Gems

Collecting gems is the second thing all players must do to win the game Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime. Gems that must be collected by players are available on the map to make it easier for players to find these gems.

The box will contain the parts that will upgrade the player’s spaceship. Collecting lots of gems will certainly increase the percentage of the win rate that will be obtained at the end of the game. Stronger shields, better weapons to more sophisticated machines will be of great benefit to players during the game.

Also, players are always in a hurry to open the door through the next level is one of the weaknesses of players. However, it is not the right thing to win the game. Players should use the time provided to explore the room more widely. Players who collect gems based on extensive exploration will be very visible. Therefore, exploring the room was a top priority for each player to spend the remaining time.

2. Move Quickly

Moving fast is one of the things every player must do if he wants to win the game. The hearts available at each level will represent the player’s health indicator

This given heart also has the advantage of being able to restore life, accommodate animals that have been kidnapped by irresponsible people, to harvest crops grown from other nearby planets. So many benefits of this heart, it makes this heart very useful for players. Therefore, as much as possible to maintain the liver health indicators given at each level.

Another thing that is no less important is always checking the condition of the aircraft while completing a mission. If there is damage to the aircraft, as much as possible to overcome it so as not to spread the area of ​​damage. It is best to have someone fill in the position to carry out periodic radar checks. Therefore, if there is damage it will be easily identified. This method is the best way to monitor the progress of the team.

3. Change Position

While it may be tempting to have someone constantly guard the shield, it is sometimes still effective at keeping the ship moving, maneuvering around incoming enemies and projectiles.

This approach allows the player to avoid the more powerful attacks that can penetrate the shield and allows to constantly change the position of the spacecraft so that the player shooter can get a clearer shot. If the player decides to use this method, the player should make sure to take the time to level up your machine. If not, a player may find another player moving too slowly to do so

4. Use the Environment

In this game Lovers A Dangerous Spacetime, the enemy will try every means to surround other players and overwhelm them. Players who don’t want to feel the same can use other methods. Another great method is to park your vehicle as close to the ground as possible.

This method is classified as successful because with it the attacker will not be able to surround other players in every corner. The player has room to breathe if the player uses this method. Players can use this strategy to strike back and take advantage of the opportunities.

Players will be more successful when using this strategy because many players have used this strategy. This strategy is perfect for players to last longer. The players who last longer will help the team to win. Opportunities will not come again and again, therefore it is better to take advantage of opportunities that exist first.

5. Time

An alternative way to deal with enemy herds is to use the Yamato cannon. As the cannon continues to rotate comfortably around the player ship, it will take some careful time to use it effectively.

Fire one second late and you will miss the target completely and cannot use it for spells. For best results, the player will need to wait for the cannon to hit the exact spot before pointing directly at the enemy, before unleashing your attacks on the mob. This will guarantee your attacks deal the maximum amount of damage

Attractive visuals

Final Say

Based on the information above, you can play Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime to fill your free time. With the numerous awards achieved, surely can be a charm for you to try and play this game at home. If you wanna find a favourite video game, you can search in stores that sell cheap video games, online shop for example.


DeveloperAsteroid Base
PublisherAsteroid Base, Super Rare Games
GenreAction, ‎platform, simulation
PlatformMicrosoft Windows, OS X, PlayStation 4, Linux, Xbox One, dan Nintendo Switch
Release date9/09/2015
Official site

Pros & Cons Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

+ Have charming and colourful visuals
+ Interesting upgrade system
+ A really powerful weapon
+ A game that is suitable for testing teamwork

– Some of the bosses are a little bit too strong.
– The weapons limited to use



The game Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime concept that carries the multiplayer principle will add a special attraction for players, especially fans of games with the theme of exploration. This game can also improve cooperation between teams and good communication that will be carried out.