TOP 10 : Best PS4 Game to Play with Wife 2021

TOP 10 : Best PS4 Game to Play with Wife 2021

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Since 2013 when Sony first released the PlayStation console, everything has changed in the gaming world. Million people crave this console and perhaps you are thinking of having this one too. Or, maybe you already own it? It gets more exciting when you are having a couple. This, we are sharing with you here the best PS4 game to play with wife of this year.

Just because you are a husband and a wife, it doesn’t mean you only do adult things at home. A marriage would be more fun if you are still silly with each other, cuddling, and playing together, such as playing PS4. Never think that PS4 is a man thing. Everybody is allowed to play it. One thing for sure, you and your wife have to enjoy the game together.

Know Your Genre!

Best PS4 Game to Play with Wife 2021

A key to having fun together enjoys the same thing. That is why you can’t push your wife to play soccer when she is not into it. On the other hand, you may say that you don’t feel comfortable playing the game she chooses. See the genres of video games below. Hopefully, it helps you to get the best option. Choose the right game, then spend time with fun and love.

1. Action

As the player, you are in control and take a center part of the game. You have to counter the challenges. This is what makes you level up. There are a lot of variations of action games, such as shooter, fighting, beat-em-up, stealth, survivor, and many more. When you are playing in multiple player mode, you will have stronger engagement in the action. For example GTA V is the one of best PS4 action games!

2. Adventure

This game is not only about storylines or content. It is where the player interacts with the other characters. So, it means that the adventure game is the best PS4 game to play with wife. Sometimes the player has to work together with other players to make progress. If you want to make your leisure time perfect, then this game is the right choice.

3. Role-Playing

The role-playing game, also known as RPG, is a popular genre among gamers. Mostly the setting is life in the future or fantasy. Cultural difference is a unique point in this game. We might say that this kind of game is the best PS4 game to play with wife because you work together until the final twist of the game.

4. Sports

As a husband, we believe that you will love to play soccer or basketball on PS4. Indeed, this kind of game is the most attractive genre for man. If you have a wife who loves sport, then it would be perfect. Both of you can make a sweet competition. Or, you and your wife are on the same team which beat the computer.

5. Strategy

The strategy game is interesting because you have full access and control to the life and resources inside the game. You are required to make tactics so you can answer all challenges. Recently, it has developed into real-time gameplay. If you play with your wife, you can discuss and make a good decision. That is why the strategy game becomes the best PS4 game to play with wife you should try.

6. Simulation

The simulation game is also the best PS4 game to play with wife. The examples of the simulation game are building the city, managing the residents, and many more. It is so fun to play together. You go to one vision and mission with your wife to achieve success. Surprisingly, this game is more than about teamwork, but also how you plan for your future life together.

TOP 10: Best PS4 Games to Play with Your Wife

Playing Playstation 4 in the single mode and with multiple players gives you a different experience and sensation. When it comes to play with your wife, you can share the stress. For some games, your wife could be your opponent. Here, the competitive sense comes up in a fun way.

Actually, there are many games you can play together. But, below is the best PS4 game to play with wife for this year. Now, ask your spouse to sit beside and pick one of them for this weekend

1. Overcooked 2

TOP 10: Best PS4 Games to Play with Your Wife

The first best PS4 game to play with wife is Overcooked 2. In this game, you and your wife are a team that works in a kitchen. You might think it is easy to do kitchen things, but wait until you are put in a crazy random location. Moreover, you will receive many pop-ups which challenge you. You navigate the kitchen, make up the dishes, and set up all disasters around.

This game is about adjusting all issues. So, it is so fun to be in multiple players’ mode. One plays the role of thinking how to make a dish correctly based on order and on time, then the other deals with another thing. When you have a good cooperative partner, then the chaotic and endless orders are not big deals. And don’t forget overcooked 2 also suitable as a PS4 games for kids!

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PublisherTeam17, Ghost Town Games
PlatformPlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Linux
Release date7-Aug-18
Price$12.49 at
Official site

2. Borderlands

TOP 10: Best PS4 Games to Play with Your Wife

This game is able to play single, but it is more fun when you have a company to fight the enemies there. All characters are unique and have their own skill. Thus, if you are not solo, you will have more capabilities to kill. You and your partner are going to travel to different worlds which are dark and full of art style.

It is an addictive game. The reason why we put it as the best PS4 game to play with wife is that you have more time to spend together. It is true that both of you must sit longer to finish the series. You won’t be disappointed with this game. Many gamers are in love with the challenge.

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DeveloperGearbox Software; 2K Australia; Telltale Games
Publisher2K Games, Telltale Games, Xbox Game Studios, Aspyr, Sony Interactive Entertainment, CyberFront Corporation
GenreAction role-playing
PlatformPlaystation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Windows, Mac OS X dan Shield Android TV
Release date20-Oct-09
Official site

3. A Way Out

It is the best multiple player gameplay ever. A Way Out requires two players with an intense cooperative. Even though the characters inside are two men, you can still play the game with your wife. The story tells you two men that try escaping prison and avoid the law. Here, your task is to help them through it.

There are puzzles to finish, so you can move to the other story until making a successful escape. The game is very dynamic and full of questions, so you have to work together. A Way Out is not only fun, it is tense and demanding.

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DeveloperHazelight Studios
PublisherElectronic Arts
PlatformPlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows
Release date23-Mar-18
Price$9.89 discount 67%
Official site

4. Minecraft

There are many reasons why Minecraft is so lovable. But, one thing for sure, the player has the freedom to build the world as wanted. The game is set in a survival mode. It means that you have to stay alive by hunting for food, searching for materials to use, and maintaining your life.

But, if you want to play in a creative mode, it is also exciting. Here, you have the ability to create anything when spending time. For example, you go anywhere that pleases, create precious items, and many more. Of course, this experience would be more fun when played together. You can get an extra controller and get the world you dream of. And you can buy this game at to get a cheap video games online in Australia.

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DeveloperMojang, Other Ocean Interactive, 4J Studios, Xbox Game Studios
PublisherMojang‎; ‎Microsoft Studios
PlatformJava, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows
Release date18-Nov-11
Official site

5. Gang Beasts

At the first time, this game looks so simple and easy. Also, it is fun because it has lots of visuals and effects. But, once you dig into the game, you will get an addiction. You and your partner turn into the character who was beating up each other. The game is about how to win. You battle by jumping, punching, and throwing your opponents.

When the character gets knocked out, they will be temporarily unconscious. There you see a funny visual which can make you laugh. That is why Gang Beasts can be enjoyed with your spouse. It is the best PS4 game to play with wife when you have no idea how to hang out.

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DeveloperBoneloaf, Coatsink
PublisherDouble Fine Productions, Skybound Games, Boneloaf
PlatformPlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Sistem operasi Macintosh, Linux
Release date29-Aug-14
Price$9.99 save 50%
Official site

6. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is the best PS4 game to play with wife that is recommended by many people. Maybe you are confused about what the game requires you to do. Actually, this game wants you to have good teamwork, so the bomb won’t explode. Both of you are thinking of stopping the bomb by talking to each other.

One player will be set in a room with the bomb. That player wears a VR headset to talk with the other player. At the same time, the other player gives instructions on how to off the bomb. Now, can you see how important teamwork here is? As time is counting, you have to move quickly, unless you want to be the victim. The secret key is the more simple you direct, the easier your partner will save their life. So, it will be done faster.

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DeveloperSteel Crate Games
PublisherSteel Crate Games
PlatformPlayStation 4, Android, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Release date16-Jul-15
Price$8.99 save 40%
Official site

7. Stardew Valley

This game is inspired by the Harvest Moon game. We believe that you know that popular video game. By playing this game, you make yourself in control of a farm. You have goals in making a profit, healthy crops, and an improvement. That means all you need to do are planting seeds, maintaining the living stock, supplying food, harvesting, and things about farming.

You and your partner are able to maintain the farm in separate consoles to keep improving. But, you need to select the co-op mode before starting the game. Don’t forget to tell your wife to fight the monsters. If both of you are successful in getting rid of them, you can collect points which are very useful. Also, you might consider moving to the countryside to get another experience.

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DeveloperEric Barone, ConcernedApe, Sickhead Games
PublisherEric Barone, Chucklefish, Fangamer, 505 Games, ConcernedApe
GenreSimulation, role-playing
PlatformAndroid, PlayStation 4, Linux, Nintendo Switch, iOS,
Release date26-Feb-16
Official site

8. Cuphead

Do you and your wife love to watch classic cartoons? If the answer is yes, then Cuphead is the best PS4 game to play with wife. It captures the 1930’s cartoon created with a beautiful handy visual and soundtrack perfectly. You will take control of the Cuphead, and also his brother, Mugman. Both of you have to battle against the boss to take the next level.

At the same time, you can save your partner when they get to fall. You need to do this in a hurry before they get out of sight. This is a 2-D game that requires you to run and gun. Sometimes it gets brutal and difficult, but also it is challenging.

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DeveloperStudio MDHR, Studio MDHR Entertainment Inc.
PublisherStudio MDHR
GenreRun and gun
PlatformPlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, macOS
Release date29-Sep-17
Price$14.99 save 25%
Official site

9. Injustice 2

Get your wife as a team in Injustice 2. Once you get started, you will join the community, so you can gain your ability and get rewards. You won’t get them when you are solo. You are free to set the team based on a similar skill set or other aspects. For the active member who finished their weekly challenge, of course, they will be rewarded more.

There are also group battles that take you to the next level of competition. You and your wife can fight in the arena. When you have other members, make sure that you choose the right person. This battle needs your tactics, so you can win the game. Seeing that this game offers you satisfaction as the champion, thus, Injustice 2 is a good option as the best PS4 game to play with wife this year.

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DeveloperNetherRealm Studios, QLOC
PublisherDC Comics
PlatformPlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, Microsoft Windows
Release date11 May 2017
Price$19.99 (Playstation 4)
Official site

10. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

If you just want to sit together, chilling, and doing a simple thing, then Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is a good companion. The game is really simple to understand but extremely challenging. You have to make progress by hitting enemies and hazards. You are also required to explore the galaxy at the same time.

When you arrive in a certain location, it could be random. Thus, you are equipped with engines, weapons, and shields. Sometimes it is hard to quickly move to the next place. If you are lucky, then walk through the time to face another battle. This becomes the best PS4 game to play with wife because you are not alone in finding something new and exploring places. Coordinate with each other to cover any situation depending on your position.

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DeveloperAsteroid Base
PublisherAsteroid Base, Super Rare Games
GenreAction, ‎platform, simulation
PlatformMicrosoft Windows, OS X, PlayStation 4, Linux, Xbox One, dan Nintendo Switch
Release date9/09/2015
Official site

There are varieties of games you can choose to play with your wife. Don’t be confused if you find many options. Just try one by one of the best PS4 game to play with wife above. The gamers recommend the list, but, here, we know that you only want to spend time together. Thus, pick one that enjoys you both. Playing PS4 is not a serious thing with your wife. It is just another way to keep in romance and stay young.