Gang Beasts Review

Gang Beasts Review: Elaborate Information about the Fun No-Brainer Game

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Gang Beasts Review – There are many games in the market that cater to multiplayer mode. Games like this will make gatherings a lot livelier. The party host only needs to set up the gears and everyone will have an enjoyable time. Among various games for multiple players, Gang Beasts is a strong contender. Gang beasts are the one of best ps4 game to play with wife or your family. believe me, it is the best choice. Follow this article for more information about Gang Beasts review.

About Gang Beasts

An indie developer from England named Boneloaf developed the game. The initial release date was August 29, 2014, and it was for a very limited crowd. The worldwide release happened in December 2017. Perhaps because the developer was not a big company, people did not know about this game at first.

It slowly garnered attention from game players worldwide, though. Many players have called it a silly but entertaining game simply because of its programming. They find this game a perfect companion for relaxed social gatherings. Everyone can easily join the game regardless of age.

Gang Beasts is a game of hand-to-hand combat genre or also known as beat ’em up type. In this game, players participate in combat without any in-game weapon. The player will need to defeat other players competing with them in the arena.

In short, everyone needs to outdo one another in the matter of surviving this game. This causes the game to be slightly more than chaotic. A solemn atmosphere can quickly turn festive if the party includes it in the list of provided entertainment.

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Gang Beasts Review – Basic Details about the Game

Gang Beasts Review

Despite having been released a few years ago, some people are still unaware of this game. It would be helpful to read a complete guide about this multiplayer game so that players will know what to expect. The following list contains basic information about this fun game:

1. Console Compatibility

The game is available on various platforms, including PlayStation 4, Oculus, Xbox, and Steam. Its compatibility with numerous gaming platforms makes this game more accessible to the larger crowd. Players only have to purchase the game’s license, which is quite affordable, and they can play it anywhere.

To see if the game is going to work properly on a certain console, the player must check its compatibility beforehand. Playing a game on a non-compatible console will result in the game not running smoothly. Failed game installation is also possible in the non-compatible console.

Specifically, computer players have to ensure that their PC can handle the game. Gang Beasts only works on a computer with Windows Vista OS or a later version. The computer system should also provide at least 3GB RAM and more than 2GB free storage space to accommodate it.

It would be better if the PC specifications are higher than the minimum system requirements. Players must pay attention to the graphic requirements as well. Higher than standard graphics will make this game appear smoothly and the color looks more vivid.

2. Online and Offline Availability

This game works whether there is an internet connection or not. An important note is that the player must install the game properly first. After the installation, the player can immediately play the basic version of this game offline.

The number of players it can accommodate differs in online and offline settings. In an online server, Gang Beasts can cater up to 8 players within the same server. Meanwhile, without an internet connection, this game accommodates a maximum of 4 local players.

According to current players, there is no palpable difference in playing this game online or offline from an entertainment perspective. The concept of this game is still the same whether in an online or offline setting. It can still occupy someone’s attention for hours.

However, the online version offers added values such as new challenges and modes. Currently, the developer is still expanding the game by adding more obstacles. Such expansion is only available online. To some people, it is also more challenging to play with unknown players.

3. The Storyline

From the gang beast review, you can know the storyline is not complicated at all. Gang Beasts happens in a fictional area named Beef City. The storyline shows that living in the city is rough. Everyone must beat one another to survive the dangerous situation.

In each scene, the characters gather in an arena that overlooks the virtual city. Players must physically attack each other using kicks and punches to survive in the arena. This game does not provide weapons for the brawl. The last player standing is the winner of this game.

There are several scenes of brawling within the Beef City realm. The fight can happen at the top of a tall building where players must fight to avoid getting thrown off. Some fight scenes also occur on top of a running car. The newer scenes are only available online.

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4. Player Gaming Experience

So far, players have relatively favorable opinions about Gang Beasts review. People say that this game is the life of the party due to its fun and unpredictable nature. Everyone playing the game will agree that it is a no-brainer game. It is meant to let people blow off some steam.

Although this game does not have detailed graphics, some players still find it acceptable. The color schemes of the characters are vivid enough that players can easily differentiate their characters. It is certainly helpful because the game can become fast-paced quickly.

The fun thing about this multiplayer game is that players require no specific skill to win it. Even the most avid video game players can lose the game if they move too slowly. There are also chances for sudden attacks from an opponent because the game moves fast.

The result of the game tends to be unexpected for everyone who is playing it. Moreover, there are no specific rules applied so everyone just has to try to survive. Players can do anything to others starting from drop kicking, punching, to head butting with the reserved energy.

5. Online Player Support

A player who encounters an issue while playing Gang Beasts in their console can file a report to the developer. The reporting system uses an email ticketing system. The player can send an email about the game to [email protected] They will receive assistance within a few days.

The developer expects the player to provide details about the console for the game playing. The information includes hardware and software specs. Some bugs are specific to certain consoles. Thus, detailed specs information will help the developer to solve the player’s problem quicker.

However, Boneloaf encourages players to check its FAQ page before sending the email ticket. The FAQ page includes common issues that players usually find while playing this game. If a player finds a simple problem, the FAQ page is likely to display solutions for that problem.

Some Quirks about the Game

Gang Beasts Review

Of course, there are some downfalls in this game. Players have found several aspects that are less than desirable in Gang Beasts. This small list contains some quirks about the physical combat game from past players:

1. Non-structured Gaming

During the Gang Beasts review, this game does not employ specific rules for playing. A player can attack others using all of the combat tactics available from any direction. Even if a player sneaks behind another player to attack, the game will not say that it is a foul.

There is no clear level up within the game. The game only differs in the scene. Players can choose to play on top of a skyscraper, stranded Ferris wheels, or a haul truck. Thus, some players think that Gang Beasts is not challenging enough.

Another quirk that players may find annoying is that there is no set time for each brawl. The fight can go on until only one player remains in the arena. In the case of online playing, players who have lost first must wait until the game ends.

2. Limited Development

From the first launch until today, the game still maintains its original premise. Even with the new scenes and modes, there are no fundamental changes in the game. This limited development tends to make players feel bored quickly.

Limitation in the development likely happens because of the game’s lack of storytelling. Gang Beasts does not offer the main objective to achieve by the players. Once a game ends, players must start from zero again so there is no feeling of accomplishment.

3. No Cross Console Option

Players who utilize different kinds of consoles will not be able to do combat. The developer differentiates online servers for each console type. A player who wants to play remotely with friends must ensure that they are using a similar console.

4. Ordinary Graphics

Although most current players do not mind its ordinary graphics, some people might not pay interest in it. This game uses vivid colors, especially on the characters, but it is not considered enough. The developer does not present Beef City’s visuals sufficiently too.

In many cases, players also encounter graphic issues such as lag during fast movements. Many would attribute this issue to console incompatibility. But the bugs likely are present regardless of the specs of one’s gadget.

Game Details

DeveloperBoneloaf, Coatsink
PublisherDouble Fine Productions, Skybound Games, Boneloaf
PlatformPlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Sistem operasi Macintosh, Linux
Release date29-Aug-14
Price$9.99 save 50%
Official site

Pros & Cons

+ Everyone can enjoy the game regardless of age
+ Online and offline availability
+ No-brainer game
+ Funny game

– No A.I. 
– This game does not employ specific rules
– Ordinary graphic



This game is, without a doubt, a worthy game to try out. For an affordable rate, a player will get to play a fun game with or without an internet connection. Being aware of its plus and minus points is imperative, though.

People who are interested in Gang Beasts can gather that it is a fun multiplayer game meant for brief entertainment. There is nothing spectacular to find in the game, but it helps to elevate the crowd’s mood. It is compatible with various consoles too.